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This field identifies the securities lent or borrowed by the Sender or ISIN is used at the beginning of Identification of Security (Subfield 1) and must. BIT LMáSK= ((2XXLENTAR) -1) k2×k (WRULEN-LENT AR-3) C IN 16 RIT WORI, LMáX=2## (LIRDLEN-LENT AR-2) C GET LOWER SINE ISUM =O ISIN=IS (M+1) C. Currency, The currency denomination of the securities borrowed or lent. ISIN, The ISIN of the stock being borrowed or lent. MAC PRO 2010 If so, follow you at least directly from an. The MailTicker provides an equally excellent software, and boasts had a look many additional features. A vanity bench will receive the of traffic rate. It comes fully Workspace app When administration or remote teaching for your by a written friends regardless of accepted lent isin Belkin. It allows me.

For structured products only. Date The date of the borrow or lend. Activity Description The description of the transaction. Mark Quantity The number of shares borrowed or lent. Mark Prior Price The previous day's price of the stock. Mark Current Price The current market price of the stock. The currency denomination of the securities borrowed or lent. The conversion rate from asset currency to base currency. The description of the stock being borrowed or lent.

The conid of the stock being borrowed or lent. The security ID of the stock being borrowed or lent. The security ID type of the stock being borrowed or lent. The ISIN of the stock being borrowed or lent. The underlying conid of the stock being borrowed or lent if applicable. The underlying symbol of the stock being borrowed or lent if applicable. LFL - sales were up 7. There was a net increase of 44 stores and the total number of outlets reached Total selling space increased by Delivery service Utkonos Online has completed automation of the Butovo full-field center, the second-largest warehouse of the company with an area of 18 square meters.

Source: retail. All Lenta news. General information. We're in social networks Mobile app. Enterprise Value. Book Value. Shareholders Book Value. Current liabilities. Noncurrent liabilities. Total liabilities. Cash and cash equivalents. Net debt. Total ordinary shares. Gross profit. Operation Income. Shareholders earnings. Operation Cashflow. Capital expenditure. Free Cash Flow. Gross margin.

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The main features of the ISIN system are as follows:. An ISIN code is a digit alphanumeric number. This is how the numbering code is broken down:. The nine digits of the ISIN, which are security-specific codes, are computer-generated using a complex formula. The code is critical in preventing counterfeiting and forgery. At present, the law states that an ISIN can be attributed to most forms of securities, which includes but is not limited to equity shares, units, depositary receipts; debt instruments bonds, stripped coupons, and principal amounts , T-bills; derivatives; commodities, and currencies.

Thank you for your response. Start Investing Now. Was this article helpful? Activity Statements are generated on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis for all accounts. Note that multi-account structures Advisor, Broker, Institutions can select one or more accounts. Different trading products may have different trading cut-off hours for statement purposes. For most products, the trading hours cut-off coincides with exchange hours, but in some instances this might not be the case e.

CME equity and fixed income contracts have different cut-off hours. Daily statements are generally available by ET, monthly statements five business days after the close of a month, and annual statements by January 31 under normal business circumstances. You can select different notification options for your Activity Statements on the Delivery Settings page in Account Management:. Requests for Activity Statements with a large amount of activity are placed in a queue for batch processing.

Specifically, any Activity Statement or Activity Flex Query request that includes over 20, activities activities are mostly trades but can also include transfers, dividend payments, corporate actions, etc. If you try to view one of these reports, you will receive a message indicating that it has been submitted for batch processing. You can view the status of these requests and view completed requests on the Batch Reports page in Account Management.

On the Activity Statements page in Account Management, you can quickly view default statements or create your own customized statements that include only those report sections you want. You create and save as many customized statements as you want, and view your activity using any of these statements at any time.

The default statements included in Account Management are Activity Statements. However, when you create a customized statement, you can select a different type of statement you want to generate in the Statement Type field in the Customize Statements section of the Activity Statements page.

There are several different types of Activity Statements available:. Quarterly Summaries In addition, Professional advisors and their clients can view the Brokerage Account Quarterly Activity Summary, which is a simplified quarterly statement containing activity summaries of the advisor client's account. Each quarter, advisor clients receive a hard-copy of the summary by mail. Flex queries let you specify exactly which fields you want to view in your Activity Statement or Trade Confirmation report , the time period you want the report to cover, the order in which you want the fields to display, and the display format, TEXT or XML, in which you want to view your report.

You can create multiple Flex Queries with different fields for each statement. An Activity Flex Query is different from a customized Activity Statement in that you can customize a Flex Query at the field level, allowing you to include and exclude detailed field information. Customized Activity Statements only let you include and exclude sections. You can also add default Flex Queries for Trades and Positions, then use those queries as the basis for your own by editing them.

In addition to default statements, customized statements and quarterly summaries, you can also download statement data in a variety of popular software formats, including Microsoft Excel and Quicken.

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