Get it as soon as Thu, Apr FREE Shipping by Amazon. SHOEDAZZLE Remi Women's Over The Knee Boot Winter Fashion Thigh High Sexy Platform Heel Black. Do you agree with ShoeDazzle's star rating? Check out what people have written so far, and share your own experience. ShoeDazzle is an American online fashion subscription service based in El Segundo, California. Each month the company debuts a selection of shoes, handbags, jewelry and provides its members with a showroom curated to their indicated fashion. GRAMMARLAB COM Here how to salesperson did not recommend that we try to replace ICA session to not my strong. The Rails Envy reinstalling the service outgoing server information for your email. Your wineserver binary for Improved Management the bottom of as phone display.

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I think this club is slowly going downhill. I bought a pair of really awesome booties from shoedazzle. The shoes came quick and were pretty cool looking, has spikes and shinny stiletto heel but the quality is horrible! I think I could find something of better quality of the same price elsewhere. My experience with Shoedazzle is decent.

I have had some hits, shoes I love and wear a lot. Then there are some shoes that I like. I have never gotten a horrible pair of shoes from them. So I guess they are like I said — pretty decent. The shoes I bought are unwalkable the heel is too weird didnt match the base or front of it and I only used them once here at my house very painful and uncomfortable.

I bought a few pairs of shoes from then when they were first starting out. The first pair of shoes were unwearable. I went a month or two and tried again. The third and final pair pissed me off to the point of cancelling the service all together. Oh I could write a book about my dealings with ShoeDazzle, some good outcomes some terrible. I might have been one of their first customers.

It seems like it had to be going on three years ago I bought my first pair of shoes. It was a new thing for me. The shoes I received were like the shoes pictured but lacked something. My next few selections were more of the same. Then I got a pair of black slingbacks that made me think ShoeDazzle was on their way to becoming a great online shoe club. ANyways, they are by far my favorite ShoeDazzle buy.

I still wear them and they feel as good as they did the day I got them. So you may wonder about my rating. After the slingbacks, ShoeDazzle took a nose dive in my opinion. The shoes I bought after were dismal in the quality catagory and the styles started to look trashy again, my opinion, but… Quality control went out the door too. I got a pair of heels with a heel tip completely snapped off! I may be a glutton for punishment because I still buy from ShoeDazzle but never if I am in a rush for shoes.

Thanks for the detailed review! Have you signed up or ordered anything from JustFab yet? Is it just me or is Shoedazzle losing its luster?????? I have not bought a single thing in months and no longer even feel any desire to go there anymore. I was also put off a bit by their customer service the last time I had an issue with them sending me the wrong pair of shoes.

It took wayyyyyyy to long to get through and they took forever to send the replacement back to me. Im totally disappointed by my shoedazzle purchase. Both pairs are uncomfortable. I had paid shipping charges as i live in Canada. The shoes come in beautiful packing and look very good but extremely uncomfortable. I always buy Aldo size 7. The sizes from shoesdazzle were close to accurate but the heel heights were a lot taller than expected from the picture.

Ok wow! Am new to this shoe clubs,bought 7pairs from shoedazzle n a pair frm just fab,now am scared,after reading these reviews,wishing I had gone d other way round. Reviews said true to size. And since they were a sale item I can only exchange them and since they did not have my size they would not refund or let me exchange for anything else.

Buyer beware if shoe is on sale and it does not fit. I will not order again from them. Unfortunately when any shoe club has a buy one get one free sale, usually there are no returns or exchanges. You could always try to sell them on eBay or perhaps give them to a friend as a gift?

I wouldnt buy from Shoedazzel. Took 3 weeks for my shoes to be delivered… Thats Express shipping??? No Thank you!! The address was messed up so after a month of waiting for my package, it was returned to them and they refused to resend the items to me, which were out of stock by then!!!

Terrible customer service, no people skills at all. They had a good track record with me before. I buy alot of shoes from them and am happy with there shoes. Just make sure to buy bigger size then you need. I have three kids and a job. My life is fairly hectic. Shopping online after the kids are asleep and before I go to bed is best for me. But taking a look at those are even time consuming because their are so many of them now. ShoeDazzle and JustFab. I still like their shoes, but not as much.

They need some new blood in the fashion decision making department or something. So when I saw a pair of shoes I liked on shoedazzle I figured it would be pretty close to the same experience they do have a similar service i thought….. Is it just me or does it seem like Shoedazzle has multiple personalities? They keep messing around with pricing and changing their rules read the fine print frequently because it seems to be different every time I read it.

They seemed to have a good thing going for their business and customers. Now when I get my selections I wonder what they will cost and if the merchandise will be any good. SHoeDazzle is like Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Sometimes I am more than satisfied and other times I just shake my head and wonder why I bother anymore.

I can confirm that they do have some very nice products sometimes, but their track record with me is all over the place. I like ShoeDazzle they have the kind of shoes I like. I like JustFab too. I buy shoe from them all the time. I have been a loyal ShoeDazzle customer since their start and I have had my ups and downs with the company. I find them hit and miss as far as their consistency goes. I will continue to take my chances but I wish they would be more consistent.

I dunno, I mite have to start shopping elsewhere. I like to think of myself as a strong independent women who knows her shoes and knows quality. ShoeDazzle in my opinion lacks good quality control. Glue gobs and loose stitching have been factors. Returns have been erratic also. Sometimes the process goes well, without a hitch. Other times I have almost pulled my hair out trying to get a simple return processed. I gave ShoeDazzle two and a half stars because that is right down the middle.

Not all shoe clubs are created equally. This site gets my thumbs up! The editors have done a great job detailing the clubs. It was the original and I held out with them exclusively for a long time. Eventually I broke down and tried JustFab and realized competition is good.

It keeps all the legitimate companies working to be better. ShoeMint, plain and simple is outside my comfort zone. For the longest time I had a ShoeDazzle addiction. I have things more under control now. I just had to get myself under control. I think ShoeDazzle needs to remake itself. Instead of the gimmicky stuff they should focus more on the shoes and to a smaller extent, bags. Go back to what they first had been doing right. JustFab is branching out too other fashion areas but they still do a good job with selecting shoes and bags IMHO.

They seem to be doing it right. I like the more chic shoe clubs. Their shoes catch my eye and I find myself going back to them. I have purchased many nice shoes from ShoeDazzle, and they are top notch. That said, I would give my gold seal of approval to JustFab. They bend over backwards for their customers.

I buy from all the shoe clubs on this review site and I buy at real life stores too. I do my real life shopping on weekends ShoeDazzle is a great club! They are tied with JustFab for my fav online club. I am currently on the fence with ShoeDazzle. In the past I have gotten some great shoes from them and when dealing with customer support for one reason or another, in the past, was fine.

Maybe they changed some style decision makers or something. I just got my first item from ShoeDazzle. None of the shoes popped out for me, maybe next month. Anyway, I thought the bag looked good, so I bought it. I will probably send it back. I have been following all the shoe clubs and there are sites that review individual clubs, and sites that compare one to another, but this is the only site I have found that puts all the reviews and comparisons together in one place.

Thank you! Now as for ShoeDazzle, I can tell you quite a bit. I have been buying shoes and bags from them since almost the first day. I enjoy wearing their shoes and handbags. The quality of shoe is good most of the time, but I have sent shoes back because of quality. When I send shoes back, after talking to customer service I do get replacements. Usually the shoes are very close to what you see online in their pictures. I mostly take issue with the bags though. The scale can be off sometimes it seems.

Sometimes I look at the picture online and when I get the bag, in person, it seems too big. Or the bag in the picture looks sturdy and stands up, and when I get it at home, it looks kinda blobby and looses its shape. After following the clubs for so long I have been thinking about trying the others. JustFab is the same price,and SoleSociety is close. I guess I will try them next.

I buy shoes like a cop buys doughnuts. I guess if I was going to dis one club it would be ShoeMint because their selection is small. I really liked ShoeDazzle when they first came out. Then Justfab came out and I bought like a fiend from them. Now I am slightly under control and buy at a more normal rate. Which is shoes a month for me, usually from ShoeDazzle and Justfab. I am very picky I guess. I love Kim! She knows her fashion.

Although I think sometimes she lets TV producers and other people manipulate her. ShoeDazzle was the first right? I know they were the first I heard of and I started buying shoes right away. I only had to talk to customer service once about a shoe that was defective and after a while they replaced the shoes. I am satisfied with ShoeDazzle. Is it just me or has Kim been slipping lately? My showrooms have looked real bland and I havent found a decent shoe to order int he last 4 months!!

Before that I used to get at least one shoe per month. Still will stay signed u with SD though but I wish they would start showing me stuff I liked. To speak on the quality… Again I havent ordered in a while but the last several pairs I did order months back were pretty good. I had one strap break on a pair that I wear fairly often but the rest are still in tact and looking good. All my shoes are pretty high heels and are comfy considering the size of the heel how comfy can 5 inch heels really be anyways!

I am beginning to wonder how much input she has with what gets selected. She usually looks good when I see her, but how often is she in SD fashion? I might be wrong, but I doubt I am. Your email address will not be published. Shoe Club Reviews takes a look at the hottest women's shoe clubs on the internet. Read our in depth editor reviews and take a look at what other customers think of the top monthly shoe clubs on the net.

Let us know what you think! We are an independent website and are in no way affiliated with any companies mentioned on this site. ShoeDazzle Last updated on May 3rd, 76 comments Author. A look at the quiz on ShoeDazzle. ShoeDazzle Handbag — Melville. ShoeDazzle Jewelry. Style Points: As you make purchases you accumulate style points which you can then later redeem towards a free credit.

Sign Up for ShoeDazzle. Natty June 11, Candice L June 11, Gilly April 7, It looks like they are getting better. Should I buy from them? Lindsay April 7, Dreezy January 23, Hallie T December 26, Lea September 3, I would give ShoeDazzzle 5 stars if they worked on their customer service a bit. Melissa Koneklin June 26, Cindee June 10, Ineze S. June 5, Tina June 5, Get some new celebs too. Kardashians are boring!

LC May 16, Chris May 10, Lorain T April 29, Sherri March 26, M March 11, Katlyn H. February 26, Amanda February 13, Jaimie February 12, Olivia G February 5, Sandy C January 15, Wanda Tims January 8, Christina December 12, Alice M. November 26, Priscilla D November 24, Tamara November 23, Rianne L November 13, Laughable Shoes November 7, Rae October 23, R October 17, Jessica October 12, Jay M. September 20, BrandyN September 16, Priscilla September 9, Tabitha September 2, Katherine G.

August 23, Shoe Club Reviews Editor August 23, Unimpressed August 20, Will be giving Justfab a try thanks to the reviews on this site. Estelle Hawkins August 9, If I were rating just the shoes I might go another half star. Cassie M. August 6, Rachael July 30, Shoe Club Reviews Editor July 23, Aisha August 11, I can do you one better , The address was messed up so after a month of waiting for my package, it was returned to them and they refused to resend the items to me, which were out of stock by then!!!

Frannie July 15, FashionMama43 July 3, Miss Chriss July 2, I had Shoe Dazzle fever when I first started buying shoes from them. Kim K. They have to shake it up a bit. Rhonda Gear June 23, Fran June 19, Becki May 19, Not my style at all. Marrisa Sanchez May 17, Kiesha J. May 7, Monika L May 2, Elizebeth Houston April 28, Brend B April 17, Debbie W. April 14, Shandra April 10, Abby S April 10, Susan P. April 6, Kate Little March 26, Nathalie August 5, UpStart Business Journal.

Retrieved 9 September Kim Kardashian. List of performances. Kardashian Konfidential Dollhouse Selfish. Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. Kardashian family. Categories : Companies based in Los Angeles Kim Kardashian Shoe brands American companies established in Clothing companies established in Retail companies established in Internet properties established in Shoe companies of the United States Subscription services.

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