Ibm thinkpad x60 lenovo

ibm thinkpad x60 lenovo

The Lenovo Thinkpad X60s is a high-quality notebook of excellent workmanship in successful IBM design. Although the design won't win prices the. IBM's Thinkpads had a consistent reputation as a solid, reliable business-oriented laptop. With IBM divesting of its PC division to Lenovo. The ThinkPad X60 TopSeller ultraportable notebook is a thin and light notebook with a inch XGA TFT with x resolution. Models weigh. HOME APPLIANCES Also, Supremo is free to use home office PC. Possibility to decide been shown to each of them. Initiating multiple non-shared free secure browser using your mobile. Viewers and allows range from 30kbps clear text over. Skip to main.

It weighs in at a svelte 3lb depending on configuration and claims to have quite an impressive battery life. Discounts are available for students and some organization employees, so do ask around before purchasing. The X60 also comes in a handful of Pentium M flavors.

Various other options for the X60 include the X60s with an Intel Core Duo L low voltage processor and lower power 1. Advice and discussion on how to obtain those configurations is always available at Ars Technica's Mobile Computing Outpost. You must login or create an account to comment. Skip to main content Introduction. The magnesium cover in combination with the well proven Camshell design do a good job. Still, you can observe slight deformations in the center of the display, if you apply forces.

So, you should not trifle with this 1. The display hinges are designed typical IBM. Although they are rather small in comparison, no other flap mechanism is likely to equal it. Two robust metal spikes hold the 12 inch display absolutely tight, without any see-saw. Still, the display can be positioned without applying force.

A ramshorn hook ensures that the display is securely locked: The case of the X60s is designed in a way that the display and the case so to speak fold together. So, the horizontal forces on the hinges are reduced and at the same time the display is protected against dust and object penetration. The ports of the X60s are on both sides , because the back side is used for the battery. The provided ports are so to call a base equipment for subnotebooks.

These are USB 2. Of course it is possible to enhance the variety and number of ports by attaching the notebook to a docking station via the provided docking port. Furthermore, the X60s does not have an integrated optical drive. Whereas most subnotebooks are mean with input devices, these are a special strengths of the Thinkpad X60s.

The width as well as the length of the base unit are optimally used by the keyboard unit. So, it provides optimal overview and comfort at smallest available space. The size of the keys are in general reasonable , only right beside the enter key, which extends over two rows, the space is rather narrow. The same happened to the Windows, the Alt, and the Ctrl key in the front row. Despite these losses the keyboard is first-class although you might need some practice to avoid typing mistakes.

As usual the keyboard is tightly attached to the case , typing feels wonderful: the travel is sufficient and there is a clear pressure point. Some further properties of the keyboard are noteworthy. The Thinkpad layout places the FN key is totally at the left border. Compared to other notebooks it changed the place with the Ctrl key. This package allows to quickly and easily change the hardware and the software configuration by an easily understandable user guidance.

A nice gadget is also the Thinklight , a white LED, which illuminates the keyboard from the upper display edge without bedazzling the user. So, it is possible to work with this notebook even if it is nearly completely dark, although the brightness of the display is not sufficient to also illuminate the keyboard, but we'll talk about this aspect later.

Another property of the X60s is that it misses out the otherwise usual touch pad. Because of problems due to only restricted space, and because of a design decision for a more spacious keyboard, the pad was missed out and the notebook was only equipped with a track point, which demands clearly less space.

This small red device, which most users are unaccustomed to and which likely taxes the users' patience at the first, soon turns out to be the better mouse replacement. It is not necessary to move the finger in order to reach certain regions of the display, and the mouse pointer can be controlled by a relaxed and still hand. The force controls the speed at which the mouse pointer moves, the direction of the force the directions of the movement.

Should this Thinkpad trademark still cause problems - you can still attach a mouse to one of the three USB ports, up-to-date optical mice work without problems at nearly all surfaces, no matter, if it is a polished metal table, or the cord off the comfortable sofa in the living room. Another word regarding data security : The Thinkpad X60s is equipped with a fingerprint reader and can therefore, be protected against unauthorized use.

Furthermore, the X60s uses the well-known active hard disk protection , which removes the head of the hard disk within seconds upon jerks in order to avoid data loss. Software for data backup, TPM chip, and a possible Bios password can help you to further protect your confidential data.

Comprehensive details about security provided by the X60s are available at the product web site. The Thinkpad X60s is equipped with a non-reflecting 12 inch XGA display with a maximum resolution of x pixels. So, the area of operation on the display is compared to other 12 inch notebooks with WXGA display clearly limited. Unfortunately, Lenovo does currently not even offer any alternative configuration with higher resolution. The maximum brightness of the panel was only The average value of only Despite this, the illumination is very good at Anyway, the brightness is sufficient for indoor use.

However, outdoor use might cause problems, but we'll talk about this aspect later. The display diagram depicts a slightly lowered blue color curve, which results in warmer colors. In total the colors are not really bright. This impression is also supported by the calculated contrast ratio of this display. A black value of 0. Even during normal use, you'll recognize that this display's speed of reaction is not one of the fastest.

Animations and fast scrolling lead to a blurring of the displayed images. All these aspects get even more transparent at outdoor usage than in normal illuminated indoor rooms. In very bright environments the display appears to be very dark and subjectively the contrast diminishes even more.

You can turn off this behavior in the settings, however, even at maximum brightness the possibility of working in the sunshine is only limited. The last aspect considered regarding quality of a display is its stability to the vantage point. Regarding this aspect the Thinkpad X60s' display has horizontally a sufficient area of operation, but the contrast diminishes at very acute angles.

Vertically , the area of operation is very narrow , even slight deviations to the top or to the bottom lead to a heavy darkening or whitening of the displayed image. Similar to other Thinkpads, also the X60s is offered in a variety of different configurations and therewith also of different performance.

The choice of the processor depends on the demanded performance and on the demands regarding emissions and battery runtime. As a rule of thumb: The more performance, the more emissions and the lower the battery runtime. This is a good trade-off between performance and energy demand and provides the X60s with good and sufficient office performance. The integrated Intel GMA video chip is responsible for graphics. This provides a sufficient performance for office and internet applications, but its use for higher 3D demands is rather limited.

Anyway, in total this notebook aims at office operation. It should also be possible to upgrade to Windows Vista later on, even if the higher memory demands of Vista will likely reduce the performance of this notebook. The main memory can be easily upgraded to a maximum capacity of 4GB , however, we want to mention, that the current configuration allocates both of the easily accessible memory slots with MB banks.

So a upgrade requires replacing at least one of them. The 80GB Toshiba hard disk rated average regarding transfer rates and access times. Alternatively you can currently choose models with up to GB capacity. Further information about the video card can be found here or in our comparison of mobile video cards. Please also look at our benchmark list of mobile processors or at our benchmark list of mobile video cards , in order to compare this notebook to other configurations.

In idle mode the noise of the fan is moderate and not really disturbing. Interestingly, the fan hardly runs without load and is very quiet under load, so that the noise of the hard disk was clearly louder than the fan. The total noise level of the X60s is between The case, which is mainly made out of magnesium, is obviously also used for passive cooling.

So, this notebook is fit for mobile use regarding this aspect, although the performance during mobile use is likely to be reduced, because of a limited battery runtime. A single speaker in the center of the front edge is responsible for sound, which is to some degree acceptable. The maximum volume is rather limited and the sonority suffers from blatant lack of basses.

In total we would recommend the use of headphones for listening to music. Alternatively, a somewhat bigger 4 cell version Enhanced Capacity Battery which slightly protrudes the case, and a 8 cell battery , which protrudes or docks over the total width, are available. The weight of the battery is a half kilogram, which is nearly as much as the weight of the half notebook. Be that as it may, at least there are some alternatives available, which can be used to clearly increase the default battery's somewhat poor battery runtime , which is in between a minimum of about 1 hour and a maximum of about 3.

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