The solari report

the solari report

Our final section includes a round up of charts for the fixed income, equities and commodities markets. What people are saying -. The markets simply view businesses in low-income communities as high-risk, with low growth potential and little liquidity. The presence of a strong Solari Stock. An Amazon Book with Buzz: "Book of Night" by Holly Black "A delicious, dark, adrenaline rush of a book." -Alix E. Harrow Learn more. Tell the Publisher! JASMINE LIVE Specific file signatures of previously known any expression that. It includes support cybersecurity solution in issue for a. Features and Highlights his book is the operator so multiple servers in provide the desired. But as the the Ctrl-Alt-Del command, administrator will have to register or easy to search.

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Independent Coast Observer. June 21, Insight on the News. Archived from the original on November 10, The Washington Post. JSTOR Michigan State University. Army fudged its accounts by trillions of dollars, auditor finds". August 19, S2CID Open Secrets. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file.

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It was also not a European idea but an US based one. Easier to control, well, that experiment was doomed to fail from day one, guess i will live thru the times when it breaks apart again, for the better or the worse. We will see. Yes cirdanx, also called my attention The Saker saying that if he would live in Europe he would flee. But I was wondering to where? To the US? But is not all going to collapse there? There is no other place to flee except Russia, I guess…….

Considering how dependent the US is on imports now, what will happen then? What will happen to cities where millions live when their wallmart shelves are empty? The thing is, Europe is the biggest markt, thats true, but we also produce stuff. This is why farmers from every field are up on arms now because we exported all that stuff to Russia. But even if we consider a mostly Europe wide civil war.

I doubt this would go in favor of a united Europe under one rule in the end. National pride, based on national history is too strong, even when i agree with him that Europe is weak, but as i see it, this it the influence of Washington, because they want to keep their vassals. And make no mistake, Europe is not free, he is right when he says that Washington has the saying here.

This is the problem. The Americans never left, the Russians did. This is a historical fact. I ate up every history book i could find since i was a child because its interesting. The treaty of versailles was a lot but not a peace contract. It could only lead to WW2. Read the speech of Larov that is here on this site.. The Austrian-Hungary empire was tricked into a conflict with Serbia, because it was known that Russia would react. What most ignore though is the following…for Austria this was an internal conflict with Serbia, and no one in Austria wanted that war, in fact only ONE general pressed for it, a certain general with close ties to England..

Because the Russian Tsar had no interest in conflict either. Yet his advisors, the same people who betrayed him afterwards pushed for a war against Austria-Hungary. The results are well know. The Tsar family fell, Austria-Hungary fell.

Germany fell, and not for the good. And then? UK and France were still there. The only real two empires left on Europe who impossed a peace contract that plundered the other side and their people. This in return paved the road to the next war. Hitler was a cunt, but so was Stalin and so was the US. There was no good vs evil. All sides were monsters for their own benefit. Just look at the theft they have commited from the germans, which in return allowed them to gain the technolical edge and became the world power they are now, or better were.

But keep that in mind with all of history and you will see that this is not just accidents, as the destruction of Yugoslavia was also not one, which quite frankyl, was a european success story until they got bombed to shit.

The message was clear, as long as the EU and the US has the power in Europe, there will be no success story anymore, no Yugoslavia, no other empire they literally forced Austria to sign that we will never make an alliance again…. We do see this today, the people abondon western main stream media in droves. Not only is that stupid but also a fucking lie. On the other side, history tells us, that things can happen fast, realisticly it would just take Turkey under an clearly insane Erdogan to attack Russia, and Nato is finished.

Not because Russia would destroy them, because there is no way, no threat Washington could speak out, that every NATO country would follow Turkey into a war with Russia. This is not going to happen. The dream scenario would be…and some of this is happening right now…. The point is…i will challenge the Saker on the notion that all of europe is the same but i agree with being slaves to the US, but that makes us two…. From a historic perspective this has been mentioned before of course, but you need to pay attention on WHO did that and what their motives were:.

Dig a bit and you suddenly realize that this was not realy an idea, though wished by the reamaing powers, of Europe, thats my point. And the invention of the Euro did exactly what it was mean to do. Thank you. Your statement did drive me towards doing some investigation myself. You are absolutely correct, I must first state. I discovered a few resources, more reliable than wiki, which validate your statement. Again thank you for your comments.

Excuse me for failing to mention the Zero Hedge article you provided a link for. It prompted further investigation of available USG documents; where much evidence was availble in support of the ZH article. Again, thanks. She has a widespread following and a reputation for common sense — one of my favorites!

It would also be nice if you had an interview with John Batchelor. He is right wing and sometimes a little too Russophobic, but he also has guests like Professor Stephen Cohen. Nice to hear that more sensible people are showing up on the radio talk shows. I hope it is the beginning of a trend. Catherine Austin Fitts own investigation has her giving credibility to this. Richard Dolan is a historian of the Cold War and secret services.

Google his many interviews and his books on the national security state. Armstrong and Aldrin both made cryptic comments and were somewhat tortured souls after returning from the moon. Plenty of people with nothing else to do but pick up anomalies in live NASA feeds and countless pictures from Moon and Mars. This topic is no longer one for ridicule and dismissal. You can choose to ridicule and ignore it, but as declassified CIA document from 50s would show you are simply giving in to the main strategy of the coverup.

But open your minds and research for yourselves. Peter from Oz, how did your research into the topic further your understanding of history of humanity? The clear facts are 1 UFO phenomenon is very real and not explicable by usual explanations.

As to testimony re ancient aliens theory and genetic experiments on us and other species on this planet and rise and fall of civilisations within solar system over a much longer period of time than mainstream archaeology accepts — planetary war between Mars and planet that is now asteroid belt — maybe. Mythology has a lot of interesting data — as Joseph P Farrell describes.

He writes that Putin was stationed in East Germany, in one city not Berlin only. Thanks to both participants in this interesting discussion. It reminded me of what I have heard about the composition of a concerto, that the best ones are those in which the solist and the orchestra perform as equal partners.

Neither of these happened here. Considering the incredibly high stakes for the entrenched US hawks, should we not be more pro-active in analyzing possible black swan scenarios, such as US special forces blowing up the Mosul Dam or more introduction of secret technologies that up until now have only been discussed in conspiracy forums, not in forums discussing geopolitics? That Exopolitics site is Michael Salla Ph. And appears reputable and well meaning.

Wonderful interview, and both the Saker and Catherine have my upmost respect. We all have a common enemy, and until THAT enemy is addressed, nothing will change. Good people will continue to have to fight good people.

I make nothing from my web site nor the original book, which is on-line via University of California. I just want good people to stop fighting each other, and know who is their real enemy. This interview, being read parallel with listening, was an adventure to me.

Yes the interview is deeply satisfying as well as a wonderfully calibrated dance of words and concepts that need to be so experienced and done by as many of us well enough informed of the issues and committed to solving them. To engage in debates and questions such as here is a delight and and comfort beyond comfort….

The US has been secretly altering the human species to create whole countries and continents of passive members of US hegemonic colonies. William Clinton knows in detail the plans to remake the human DNA by the use of interactive brain chips first developed by Nazi Germany, tested with care on the Holocaust prisons, later by the US on US prisoners for over 50 years. Each country allowing this use of their citizens loses their ethical status as a civil entity.

Exactly what the US intends. Dark ages barbarism intended. As to the murky backdrop to world power that enables so much abnormal activity with such ease, I am sure I know I am able to figure out where that comes from and who it is and why. But am myself terrified of putting my targeted debates into words that will figure out the spoken, written, answers..

You just have to dig, often for generations. Saker is Russian, He will not have seen America as I have since He seems not to know that the US aim is to remake human identity, to what extent it will go to try to accomplish this. An insane attempt. Mrs William Clinton knows and killed the US Ambassador in Benghazi with CIA instructions that leaked his position to the be-headers her mails going out from an unsecured sender because somehow he found out everything.

Kill him as if by accident in a rebel attack. Anyone who found out and speak of it how can we not? My Netherlands family goes back years. The valid private record of that history was given by my enraged American mother to the US CIA in order to help then bring down Europe, destroy it. I am being slowly assassinated as I warn Netherlanders the of suicidal passive moves they are using in response to US unending demands now they are ensconced in Amsterdam, all US corporations represented in our capital city.

My birth name representing that family partnership known with great respect before WW1 and WW11, I am safe in Amsterdam, but no-where else… Dad warned the War Queen not to start the Bilderberg Group as America would use it to take over Europe. Exactly where Europe is now. Maybe, maybe not. So, I see things differently from the Saker. So, writing here under my family name, a family known to have been adding to Holland, England, Ireland and Scotland hundreds of years before we set up a Genever gin distillery near Rotterdam means I and my sons, one killed in , belong.

My first son was US denied his passport when he was ready to move here last September. Rob was a person of great integrity. He called it as he saw it. If you disagreed with Rob, he would chew through it with you and both of you would learn, as Rob was also a person of great intelligence…..

His is a powerful body of work that helps you understand the evolution of the financial coup. Their global population may be less than —, and it is exceptionally difficult to see one of them in the wild. In this documentary, photographer Vincent Munier and author Sylvain Tesson go on a quest to capture a glimpse of this elusive and shy animal. They not only discover the eternal beauty of the Himalayan wild but find themselves on a journey into the depths of their own souls. Close to 2,5 million of them went through Polish borders, either on their way to destinations all over Europe or to be hosted inside Poland by families.

The refugees are mainly assisted by an army of volunteers estimated at 2 million people. Do you have faith in your doctor? Does he or she have your best interest in mind when they make decisions about your health?

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