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Naked boys Filmed Live Musicals. Download as PDF Printable version. How did you buy your ticket? I'm bothered. Create your account Already have an account?
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It's how I wanna spend my money. March 28th, , pm. Yeah I know that's been my title several times now, but it's all gravy. Work is good, we got some deadlines coming up, but so is life right? But as far as stress is concerned, I have less now because I don't have school to worry about. Sure there's job security and all, but I am not super worried about that. Good times. Good phone, no features. This thing is fun.

Well, lets see, Spring Fling is this weekend, so I will be going to Tech for that. Will I be going to the bar? Eh, prolly not cause freakin it is so depressing. It really is. Oh well what can ya do? Spend less next month. Knowing me I will prolly live on my own, I don't know of many reliable male friends that I would live with.

And so is life. It's this summer, but there are so many other things I am saving up for, and that trip would not be cheap. We'll see. I will decide for sure in the next few weeks, that and I can't find my passport. It's burried in my junk somewhere, but where is beyond me. March 26th, , pm. Thank you everyone for your love and support. I must keep it vague, but life is getting better. Figured out a lot of things this weekend, so yeah.

Is it normal again? By no means, but what is normal anyways? Oh well, no worries right? Can't really think right now, I am mucho tired. Talk to you kiddos later. March 21st, , pm. So life is kinda bleh right now for me. Not too many things are going well, needless to say.

Work is good, but it seems like I can't get a handle on anything else right now. Have I changed? Do I see people differently now? Is it any of these reasons or something else? That is what I keep asking myself, all the time. I rather not go into specifics in the world of the Internet, but all I will say is that, I could really use a phone call, hug, somethin I feel like my world is crashing down on me.

I though life after college was suppose to be better? So far it's been mixed. Lets see: my mom just left for Hawaii she'll be back late next week , my dad left yesterday for Sacramento he'll be back late this week , my sister moved out more or less, my truck is pretty much dead Show me the light, bring a light.

Current Music 'Waffle' - Sevendust. March 19th, , pm. So the girly came in on Saturday from her fiasco over in LA. She absolutely loved it, and I knew she would. It's a nice place. Disneyland galore : But she wanted home cause traveling is nice and all, but it's nice to come home. She also played some soccer this weekend and her team got a shut out!! Gotta cook for just one now, that will be the fun part. Can't make too much cause it will go bad, good times.

This week will be interesting, I can't stress that enough. On another note, can't wait to get the car this fall, oh yeah : And tomorrow will be my one month over at Nanopore! Now for the long haul, here we go This is the song I was listening to when I wrecked.

March 17th, , pm. So today for lunch, we went down the street to SAIC. For all of ya'll who don't know who that is, they are one of the larger defense contractors for the Department of Defense. It was way fun there. We had pizza and a tour of the place.

They got lots o crap! It could probably weld 2 cars together, if not more than that. Today was semi-productive. People were out, boss was in vacation mode, and after lunch, I was messing everything up. Because it was Friday. See, Mondays and Fridays are mess up days for the same reason, you don't wanna be there : Work is great don't get me wrong, but it's just getting there, and leaving the house at AM every day that is hard.

Other than that, everyone I know had a spring break this past week, go them : Oh yeah, and my buddy Seth wants to get the same car I do, same color and everything. If he does, I am going to give him a sloberknocker that will knock him to next week : I don't even remember what a sloberknocker is!

Good ol Elementary school all over again. Take this timeout to learn. March 15th, , pm. So basically, I get back from work today and find that my LJ had modified itself, much like my Cell phone. Everything electronic I own is getting upgraded, except for my comp and vehicle. So I checked that, asked about how I could upgrade my plan or I would cancel, and yeah, life is good : So now I can either get a min, unlimited nights and weekends for a one year contract or min, unlimited nights and weekends for a 2 year contract.

That means, hella minutes for the same price I am paying now, very nice indeed : So I think I am going to go that way, cause I like T-mobile and I don't drop calls unless I am out in the BFE of somewhere. Steve: So why were you on the phone today?

Me: I had to check why I have to pay so much on my next bill. Steve: Oh, so all that phone sex with your girlfriend is racking up those bills? Me: Naw, phone sex is only for old people. March 14th, , pm. The Theosophy of Ervast based on his own spiritual experience that he called Baptism of Jordan and which happened on October 13, The rebirth showed him that man is basically a spiritual being, the son of God, and that The Sermon on the Mount is as good as the teachings of Buddha the way of spiritual growth.

After the rebirth Ervast was able to see about other people too, which hindered them to get the same level of consciousness as himself. This made Ervast valid as spiritual teacher, who was able to guide other searching people. Between the years Ervast studied at The University of Helsinki among other things The History of Indian Religions, Moral philosophy and sanskriti, but he liked more to work outside the academy and associated with the working class.

The history of Finnish theosophical movement differs from others while in Finland the main group of theosophists came from s. The first Finnish theosophist were Swedish speaking upper class and artists who also were often from Finnish origin and their interest was to improve social conditions and equality. The history of Finnish theosophical movement is likely connected to the universal history of Finland, that was an autonomic part of Russian empire since , but in the 's the tsarist government started to unify the empire and rebel Finnish autonomy.

Among many others the socialists and theosophists supported passive resistance, not to agree illegal actions of the Russian government. In Pekka Ervast had a vision that Finland will become an independent state and after that he worked for it in connection with his theosophical work. The freedom of the nation was for him as clear as the freedom of every individual humans and he found that every nation has the dharma of its own for the individuals.

Sivusto ei sisalla Raamattu kansalle ry:n raamatunkaannosta vuodelta The website can be downloaded from the "Ladattavat tiedostot" page to one's own computer to be read without the internet connection being open continuously. Website does not include the Bible translation of Raamattu kansalle ry Bible for the nation, registered association from the year Check also our other website named Banned Bible School, Aasenappar's little book of Bible, in the below link:.

Aarre Lehtonen's time travel experience:. I went to sleep in Thailand one evening in the year , and I woke up at a time what I thought was the next morning. I asked someone what day was it, and when he told me, and when I also checked the day from a newspaper, I realized that four days had elapsed.

I surely couldn't have slept four days and nights continuously. Then I remembered having seen in the evening multiple sunsets which occurred rapidly one after another, like days passing by in seconds. Protestant preacher Aarre Sakari Lehtonen from Finland, the founder of Seventh-Day Adventist Rosencreuzians, has discovered from the year Bible's Finnish language translation, from Song of Solomon, the sensation of the millennium. That Bible was officially released by Finland's Protestant Church, and at the beginning of each chapter of Song of Solomon in Finnish Korkea veisu, later known as Laulujen laulu , there is an explanatory text added by the church to clarify the exact meaning of the chapters.

As it is well known, the original congregation of Christ consisted only of males, not females at all. In the Gospel of John, chapter 21, it is told that the disciples of Christ were young boys, children, as Christ called them. Also throughout the New Testament in all Finnish translations the disciples of Christ are called with the word "opetuslapset", in English "child students'. So the explanatory texts at the beginning of each chapter of Song of Solomon mean that the texts in Song of Solomon describe the same-sex polygamy relationship between Christ and his young boy students.

The language in the Finland's Protestant Bible from the year is old Finnish, but I translate it to modern English. For comparison, after that there is also the same text from Finland's Protestant Bible's Song of Solomon in the year translation.

At the beginning of chapter 1, there is written in translation:. English translation:. Just like an apple tree among the trees of the forest, so is my friend among the boys: I sit in his shadow, that I ask, and his fruit is sweet in my throat.

So in Song of Solomon, chapter 2, verses 1, 2 and 3 refer to gay relationships between young boys, "thistles" referring to female harlots, and "rose" and "apple" referring to a gay boy couple. Direct English translation: And in the land there were also boy prostitutes of the temple. Even after Christ's ascension, the disciples were naked:. Direct English translation: Even at this moment we suffer from both hunger and thirst, we are naked, we are being beaten up, and we walk homeless.

Hesekiel , King James version:. The hand of the Lord was upon me, and carried me out in the spirit of the Lord, and set me down in the midst of the valley which was full of bones,. And I answered, O Lord God, thou knowest. Hesekiel , Finland's Bible, the years translation:. Legal disclaimer about boy pictures on this website.

Below there is information from wikipedia, available only in Finnish language, but I have translated the issue to English here, and below the translation I have released the text from wikipedia in Finnish language, with my links to wikipedia and wikimedia commons, along with my commentary. It is in Tampere Cathedral, Finland. Simberg painted it in The fresco, which is on the church's bleacher, depicts twelve boys carrying thorny rose garland.

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