Lets create pottery 2

lets create pottery 2

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Sonic Forces - Running Battle 4. Roblox 4. Let's Create! Free In-App Purchases. Share Save Saved. About Let's Create! Get relief from Stress! App Store Your journey to a stress-free life begins here. Experience calmness, tranquility, and enhance your emotional and mental well-being by making art a part of your day-to-day life.

Pottery 2" is a unique game that will reduce stress while also stimulate your imagination. Become a real artist and create "one of a kind" pottery objects. Enjoy the zen-like, relaxing experience of the pottery workshop and discover the creative genius in you. Pottery 2" is a next version of the highly popular pottery game that has been downloaded over 60 million times and enjoyed immense worldwide success.

Get relief from Stress and Anxiety! All Positive Negative Community Expert 5 4 3 2 1. Jul 6, By DoctorSquid. Like everyone else who has written a review, this is not about gameplay. Do I think that painting should be more accurate? My main complaint is the subscription model. And for what? More paint colors and a few more stencils? But to charge more than most streaming services?

Good game, premium membership is whack Dec 8, By Enemies-of-the-heir. That being said, the premium feature is pretty seriously flawed. Most of those extra designs and colors require a premium membership to purchase, which is disappointing on its own. I was even more disheartened when I decided not to continue premium after my free trial ended; it turns out, any premium colors and brushes you buy while your membership is active, you can no longer use it your membership expires.

This is kind of ridiculous to me. If I bought the designs and colors in question, that should be it; I should be able to continue using those. That being said, I understand they need to make money; it just seems like it could be a little more reasonable. I will say, all of the regular quests use only non-premium designs and basic colors that can be blended, so you can continue those pretty endlessly. Not like the old app: not paying VIP to complete quests Sep 23, By NeonDragoness.

I hoped that this would be like the old game. Alas, the VIP limits free-to-play options vastly. I would be happy with one-time purchase options, even if there is still a VIP system with that. If you like the old app especially the paid version , stick with that. Three stars but I might change my mind if there is an update that makes this app more casual-friendly. Update to store taking AWAY already purchased stencils and clays?!

By wats ur name? I love this pottery app and was thrilled to see the creation of version 2. Even though I totally agree with other reviews that the VIP version is ridiculously expensive I was happy that some new features stencils , clays etc were offered at the free level and worked diligently to acquire all the available options. Was very upset to click on to the app the other day and find that the store had been updated and MOST of the new features I had earned were now switched over to the VIP version and access taken away from the free users.

Best game ever Jan 9, By wyatt boi. Last thing in pottery 1 I had the subscription or the VIP for instance so I thing if you had the VIP in the pottery 1 you should get some exclusive item like a pattern or a lot of coins. Love it! But I have a few suggestions May 17, I really love this game I started with the first one and this one is almost there it just needs a little boost.

I found this feature in the first one really pleasant and relaxing. It made exciting to hear the people talking and the gavel hitting the table. First is better for price May 22, By Solabrai. I fought with myself about buying the inappropriately expensive subscription because I loved the first game so much. They keep responding that there is a lot of free content and that you can play the game just fine without paying by watching ads.

If it was one ad per, say, 5 uses, that might be okay. But this developer has fallen into the inky waters of greed. Played all night, progress gone Jan 20, By Lurhu. Saw there was a new version to this app I used to love playing, had a lot of fun creating some pottery for a few hours. Signed in with apple, got to level 4, after closing the app and reopening a few hours later, something went wrong and I was signed out. Even after signing back in, it didn't put me back on my original profile.

Guess I'm not even going to bother with this subscription. It's pretty expensive anyway, and now I find no value in it, especially since I can still play the old version with most of the same features for free if I wanted to. Disappointed, was hoping to enjoy this much more but probably won't even bother coming back to it after this data loss more. Oct 3, By Choc' Bochs. This is a beautifully made, fantastically crafted app, and even at the free level you get a ton of options.

Even the ads aren't too invasive. It just makes me want to stop using the app at all. Good game, too expensive May 23, By Dnannika. I loved the first game, I have been playing it for years! I like the options for accessories for the pots in the second game. I agree with some of the other comments about the subscription being too expensive, though. I understand the need for them and I would probably get a subscription if it were cheaper. Even if you kept the subscription price, could you open up a few more color options for us?

The first version had pink and purple, but now I have to get a subscription to access them. Or maybe make colors cost a dollar individually? See all positive reviews. Sad to rate this Nov 15, By Littlegreyowl. I really loved the first pottery game and I even bought the upgraded version. But this Not only to find out how limited the free version is, but how expensive and over priced the subscription is. I would have kept my mouth shut about it but I just updated and a lot of the features I already earned I can no longer use in the free version.

Some of my favorite and most used stencils are now are only for subscription, and expensive clay it took a while to save up and buy I can no longer use. Luckily they left the handful of paint options alone, and I would have been playing a lot more in the first place if there were some decent paint options for the free version. Quests unplayable to non-members Apr 19, By leedact.

I really do like this game. While I do think that non members are at a total disadvantage and the membership should be less expensive, my main problem is the quests. I am currently stuck on quest 62 because one of the brushed required to complete the quest is unavailable to non members.

I understand that the developers have to make money somehow so charging for a membership is a valid solution with more reasonable priced obviously ie. The quests should not require a player to be a member to complete. It makes me angry that I am unable to progress through the quests unless I pay 3. Sometimes even the daily quests are unplayable because they include a vip brush. What I would recommend doing is making all daily quests and gameplay quests playable to non-members and then having an set of vip quests that use vip brushes and are only playable by vips.

Most things I worked for are now VIP?? Sep 21, By Swest Tobiz. I am very disappointed in your awesome app. I worked very hard to get to level 5 and I do not make enough money to pay for an app. Yet your buyable with coins patterns and colors were wonderful and I was able to do quite a bit including the daily quests.

If I had gotten a job that would allow me to pay for apps, yours was on the top of my list. Last week, I went to do the daily quest and found my favorite Japanese pattern was now marked VIP though I had bought it. I suppose there is enough to do a simple vase, but having already bought so many things still in my inventory only to not be able to use them is distressing so I have deleted the app.

Misleading game Apr 20, By Modeseado. Rip off! There are two other options of month and yearly for more. You make the levels obtainable at first. Then the levels become beyond obtainable. I almost think they are the workers for you and just get others to click and keep playing. Change your levels so you can actually achieve it.

Who goes from to ?? The updates are not that good of content. You have enough complaints, do something about it instead of charging for misleading people. Oct 8, By Kittykay This game gives me so much nostalgia from when I used to play the original version in art class!

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