Barefoot princess melanie

barefoot princess melanie

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Every single sentence minus the 1st had an exclamation point at the end! How annoying! The author decides to fall back on yet another overused plot aspect. Just what the book needed. It was over the top to the point of badly executed school play status, and would not have happened anywhere in history, much less in the s.

I could understand staging a scene where his uncle admits his wrongdoing, with hidden constables or something, but having Jermyn walk back and forth on the balcony railing like an acrobat pretending to be drunk was completely outrageous. Uncle Harrison was a pathetic villain that inspired no fear whatsoever.

If you want a very mild, nonthreatening villain, give him the sagging appearance of a hound dog and have him cackle like the 1 in here. Since Amy staged the whole thing with guests hiding in the bushes and kept telling them to be quiet, saying it was going to be a surprise, I expected the audience to clap afterwards, thinking it had been a show. It was just insane. How quaint how the story comes full circle like that. The ending I barely care to talk about.

I thought u just said it was a boy. Call it an it until u know the gender. I know back in those days it was acceptable to have a big gap in ages, but he turned 30, and she was still only 19 it seemed like a huge gap. She started off so strong, and then she ended up like every other female character in every other romance book.

They end up being towed around like a little rag doll. They might as well have been diff ppl. The Barefoot Princess was a cute name, I just wish it went with the book. Once they had sex, the book just veered off course and the plot definitely fizzled out.

But it was completely forgotten as if the author didn't even remember why she'd had Amy kidnap him in the first place. Why did she think he stole the beading idea? Who actually copied the beading machine? Did anyone actually do it? Why did Northcliff abandon the entire village? None of those questions were addressed. At the end he makes a speech about Amy making him see the error of his ways or some such nonsense, and he helps out with the village, but there is absolutely no mention of why he neglected it or why they believed he had stolen the bead thing.

View 1 comment. Loved this story of a head strong girl finding her happily ever after in the most unlikely circumstances. May 18, One chapter more rated it really liked it. I'll tell you a story. I belonged to the young adult and children's section of the library for years. I'd take about 10 books each week, and was always the person on their records that read the most. After couple of years I kind of run out of the material to read. I was about 14 when I requested the access to the adult section and was granted it within a week.

I found this book lying in a corner. It didn't have an interesting cover and I got so many books that week that I did not intend to read t I'll tell you a story. It didn't have an interesting cover and I got so many books that week that I did not intend to read this one, but my mum did.

Once she was finished she came to me and said This book is not for you, don't read it! And we have to discuss what kind of books you can actually borrow from the adult section. Forbidden fruit. I had to read it! Since then I fell in love with filthy historical romance. Apr 03, Jillian Eaton rated it really liked it. After liking but not loving the first novel in this trilogy, I was a little hesitant in reading the second.

Two chapters in and I couldn't wait to finish it. I loved Amy as the heroine. She was spunky, fresh, high spirited, and hilarious. The love story was quick paced and believable with lots of chemistry. I also really enjoyed the secondary characters, which made The Barefoot Princess really come together for me. Dec 06, Evelyn rated it liked it.

Held my interest to the end - lighthearted with some mystery. Not a lot of thought went into selecting this one as my next read, it was more or less random. I'd found it at Goodwill months ago and bought it because Dodd's always been a favorite romance author of mine. Reading this one actually kinda made me want to go back and re-read some of my old favorites by her most notably is A Well Favored Gentleman , man I used to love that one.

This one was good too. I'll admit the premise was a little silly to me at first, what with the whole 'exiled 3. I'll admit the premise was a little silly to me at first, what with the whole 'exiled princess kidnaps an English lord and holds him hostage' thing, but it turned out to be kind of amusing. Especially with Victorine Sprott as a secondary player. She's a sweet, cute little old lady, but she's got some snap.

I kinda pictured her as a Betty White type. She did a little matchmaking and always saw the good in people. The only thing I was left wondering was did Jermyn ever recompense her for the theft of her beading machine or what? That was such a big issue for her in the beginning, and then wasn't mentioned again. The villain of this tale is the wicked, greedy uncle of the hero, Jermyn, who at first is a typical spoiled lord, gaming, wenching, spending his days doing whatever he pleases, leaving his uncle in charge of everything, the money, the tenants, and care of multiple estates Which of course he wasn't caring for as he should've been.

This is where Miss Sprott and our heroine Amy are affected. And a side note Such a simple name for a princess and was that even a name back then? I always kinda thought Amy was a more modern name like Tiffany or Britney.

I could be wrong though. They live on the isle of Summerwind, which kept making me think of that Sinatra song by the same name that I love, lol. The villagers on the isle have been neglected by their liege lord for many years, and they can't take it anymore, and hence the plan to kidnap Jermyn. I wasn't real fond of his name either, like, was it pronounced like 'german' or was it more like 'jare-men', like chairman?

Cuz Jeremy is with the 'jare' sound So I just referred to him as Northcliff, his title. So anyway, Amy, posing as a maid, drugs some wine while he's out secluded alone in his gardens, and with help from a village man who used to be friends with Northcliff, they haul him off to the island, where she chains him with an old manacle in Miss Sprott's cellar. They then send a ransom note to his uncle, but Uncle, having been trying to arrange accidents to kill North pretty much all his life refuses to pay.

Some kidnappers killing him fits the uncle's plans perfectly. But of course the ladies aren't really going to kill him. They just give him an earful about how he's been a terrible, neglectful lord, and how the village is suffering, and poor old Miss Sprott is living in a sad little rundown cottage with a leaky roof and broken china. Especially sad since when North was a boy he and Miss Sprott used to hang out all the time. But North quit being such a good boy after his mama ran away, giving him some issues with women to work through.

Amy, on the other hand, is a princess whose country was torn by rebellion when she was but a child, and as a result, she and her two sisters were sent away, the eldest one hidden, and Amy and Clarice in a boarding school for a little while, and then in a life on the run after a false messenger told them assassins were after them. Clarice has her own book 1 , as does the elder sister, Sorcha 3.

I don't have them yet, but I'm looking for them for sure. But anyway, Amy's always been the wild child, bold, outspoken, clever, etc. I liked her, she was easy to relate to, though she seemed too modern at times. She and North are at odds from the get go, and he's in ardent lust for her from the moment he wakes up from the drugged wine, thinking dirty thoughts all the time. I liked that, how there wasn't loads of stupid misunderstandings, that gets annoying after awhile.

It takes her a little longer to like him, but once he starts working his manly charms, she's soon thinking dirty thoughts as often as he is. There was a goodly amount of heat to this book, and that was nice for my mood today ; So once they work out their differences and fend off an assassination attempt on Northcliff's life from a thug sent by Uncle, things turn out with a whirlwind wedding, after which the couple sneaks over to North's estate to spend a couple of days honeymooning, all the while leaving everyone to believe he's still kidnapped save for a couple select servants, and of course the villagers back on the isle.

Once the ruse is up, their next plan is to throw North's 30th birthday smash and catch his uncle trying to off him. The plan goes amazingly well, as the whole party sees the 'murder'. However, North's not dead of course, and as he 'fell' over the cliffs when his uncle pushed him, he found his mother's remains left revealed from a cave that had partially washed away during a recent storm.

After climbing back up to the house, he confronts Uncle, and Uncle confesses that North's mama had been getting wise to Unc's siphoning of money from his brother's fortune while acting as their bookkeeper, and so he killed her to keep his secret, and let everyone believe she had run away and abandoned her husband and son. When Amy comes into the room they're in, Uncle tries to shoot her, but the gun he has was plugged, and it explodes, killing him.

After everything's settled, Amy and Northcliff get officially married in a church, and are soon to be planning for the arrival of their first child. As a wedding gift, North has had Clarice and her husband and child come to visit, and the book ends on a sequel-inducing note, with Sorcha's royal betrothed setting off to find her and bring her back to her kingdom.

Really made me want to get the other two books badly! I want to get to know all about the girls' kingdom of Boumontagne, and the events that led to their exile, and Sorcha's prince, what's his story? I want to find them soo so I can find out. Also, I feel I'll learn more about Amy by reading Clarice's book, find out what happened to her before she washed up on the isle and started living with Miss Sprott.

Good book, amusing and highly entertaining. In the beginning, when our princess-in-hiding, Amy Rosabel, kidnaps our hero, Lord Northcliff Jermyn Edmondson , with the intention of making him take notice of the poor way his tenants are living, the scenes are sarcastic, humorous, and witty.

From there, the book goes downhill. Amy becomes too docile for my liking, and I missed her fire. The plot was downright boring by the end, and I struggled to continue reading as it was pretty predictable. That would be too normal. Die, ye evil wench, and be vanquished from my life forever as my soul is ripped out of my chest by the terrible nature of your betrayal — which by the way was not even to me personally, but I shall take it that way so that I may forgive thee nevermore for thy non-sins.

I hate those stupid temper tantrums. That would make me trust people again, too. It was clear it did change I was just left wondering as to why. On the whole, he was not a good hero and Amy was only a great, unique heroine until she fell in love with Jermyn. That was perhaps the most disappointing part of the whole story for me — the loss of her fiery spirit.

Some other problems - in the ton, being a Princess would be a huge deal, but when Amy is introduced as a princess it's like they meet princesses every other day. You'd think with assassins purportedly after her, she'd be a bit more worried. Finally, there appears to be a gay earl towards the end of the book.

Now, please don't think I'm discriminating against gays. I live in NY. We have legal gay marriages as of yesterday. Half of my best guy friends are gay. But truth be told, people in historical times did not love or respect gay people and there were very few open gays. And people certainly never joked about it. I mean, come on, it's barely acceptable in our times.

It certainly wouldn't have been acceptable then. It was little nuisances like those mentioned above that really wrecked the ending for me and annoyed me. I'm not a stickler for historical facts, but when an author blatantly ignores the historical culture it pisses me off. I bought a historical, not a contemporary - and the characters should act accordingly.

Finally, in the Kindle edition which may not be true of other print editions there were some grammar mistakes. A unique principle for the beginning, what with the kidnapping of the heroine done by Amy. Hero is damn annoying in the beginning, just as a warning… Mar 18, Wordsworth rated it it was ok. A fun romp if you deliberately blind yourself to the many problems, especially the misogynistic jerk who plays the hero. You can make a woman-hating, selfish cad your protagonist, but you can't make him a sympathetic and appealing lover by having your strong-willed heroine fall for him despite his proclivity for taking what he wants without thought for others, including through sexual assault and marriage by abduction.

And you can't redeem him by proving that the women he doubts are b 2. And you can't redeem him by proving that the women he doubts are blameless!! His opinion on half the world's population should NOT hinge on one person's behavior, and if it does that reflects on him as a serious character flaw of close-minded bigotry. Secondarily, Amy's a bit irrationally unhinged as well-- she's as trigger-happy as any insulted revolver-toting desperado. Many little things she does don't sit right, which I chalk up to inconsistency in the writing, in that she has too many opposing tendencies that I won't unpack in this brief review.

Inconsistencies show up in other places as well, mostly with minor effects, but most notably that Jermyn has a crippling leg injury that we are explicitly told will be made irreparable with further injury, and he further injures it twice! Jul 29, Su Halfwerk rated it it was ok. The book had an interesting plot that started strong, with a definite humorous angle to it. A strong minded heroine, a stubborn and a bit of a jerk hero, a possible disappearance to be explained.

However, I couldn't understand from where the shift in the hero's nature came. Through the few judgmental statements she threw at him? I couldn't buy it. J The book had an interesting plot that started strong, with a definite humorous angle to it.

Jermyn had an issue that didn't explain his childish tantrum, a device that was supposed to keep the reader interested but, at least for me, removed all faith in this man. I'm not going to spoil it for you, when you read the book, you'll know which unbelievable tantrum he threw toward end of the book I'm talking about. There were few descriptions that didn't fit as well. Miss Victorin was described as bony, but then she had plump face!!! This is however is minor in my opinion.

What really did it for me was the way Jermyn acted. The wrap up at the end was lovely, though. It was heart warming and I can't think of a better way to end a book with a hint at the next one. Since this is my first Dodd book, I will definitely give her another try.

May 11, Anna rated it it was amazing. I adored this book. I've always found the kidnapping then falling in love story rather trite and bizarre. Yet with the hero being kidnapped by the heroine, I found myself enjoying every moment. Maybe I'm just enjoying the man fulfilling a role that women traditionally take in this genre for once. Amy got on my nerves a bit. She seemed petulant and childish for someone of her age, especially given the historical period the story took place. Jermyn was a jerk and equally childish at the very beginn I adored this book.

Jermyn was a jerk and equally childish at the very beginning. But I think he evolved the most in terms of characters and I really enjoyed him as the book progressed. I am very tired of the misunderstanding trope edit: whatever the heck its called. Whatever those issues are, if you can't take two seconds to get your head out of your butt-hurt and actually listen, then I probably would not be in a relationship with you to begin with.

But this is fiction, so I am a little more forgiving when it comes to fantasy escapism. Overall, I enjoyed the book very much. Book number one will be my favorite for a while. Jun 12, Emily rated it really liked it. Amy doesn't want to be a princess. She wants to explore the world, be unrefined, and have adventures.

Fortunately for her, she's a princess in exile with assassins after her. She finds a temporary haven on the isle of Summerwind. The residents have been neglected by their lord, so they decide to kidnap him to teach him a lesson. Obviously, he and Amy end up falling in love. Amy is delightful: witty, defiant, spirited, and clever. Lord Northcliffe is rather highhanded, demanding, and alpha, but I Amy doesn't want to be a princess.

Lord Northcliffe is rather highhanded, demanding, and alpha, but I've got a little more patience for that kind of thing in historical novels than contemporary ones. The plot is suspenseful and amusing; really kept me turning pages!

The only complaint I have is the use of more modern euphemisms for parts of the male anatomy, specifically one that is a synonym for rooster. This really detracted from my enjoyment of the steamy parts. Other than that,the book was fantastic. What an outset, and what a letdown. Thanks to modern publishing customs, even Dodd did indeed become bad, or lazy.

I had feared as much - I'd not usually buy anything about "princesses" but Dodd had been different and good before. Now she does not even write out the letters that infuriate the villainous uncle, so narrow has her writing become. She tries to stick to the woman-loves-loving-when-not-overpowered but - but. Hero starts crochetting lace at one point, but that is also only told. Jun 12, Letitia rated it did not like it.

Didn't really enjoy this book past the first few chapters. Dodd's ability with words can only disguise her one-dimensional characters and contrived plot for so long Feb 03, adelina. Very lovely series. But this one is my absolute favorite. Dec 16, Trenchologist rated it liked it Shelves: romance. It does go along at pace. The lost princesses plot is interesting. The unorthodox way the leads meet, parry, and go from there has promise. But there are elements, upon further reflection, that make me make a face and cause inconsistencies in my takeaway--including a lot of inconsistencies in the writing and plot itself.

I'm not quite sure why the leads fell in love. They did, I'm willing to believe i Ehh? They did, I'm willing to believe it, but aside them agreeing they had a lust for one another they couldn't ignore, I was left wondering how they'd build on that. It was very instant attraction turns neatly into accepted-as-soulmates without the work done, on page, in between. Makes for a much less soaring heartclench ending. I'm not quite sure how the hero realized his need for redemption and then went about seeking it -- his epiphany happened in his own mind as far as I could tell, and for all we got his lusting thoughts and throwaways of starting to question his habits of the past decade, there's not a lot more given to us to understand his original motives and then his turnaround.

I'm glad he's taking care of his holdings and will be a good husband now but Also, a little more about his injury that was quite grave and then went away I think we're believe two weeks in a dungeon actually doing the PT he was told to do made the difference, which okay fine, but give it a larger moment. He's an uneven hero. At first he seemed different than other Lords, less focused on The Ladies, but somewhere along the way he was a rake and a cad and just wanted pleasure--which then suddenly changed to him wanting her as his always and as his wife and with his child.

All of this, again, I hold no issue with unto itself, but it wasn't developed or earned. He wanted her, he had sex with her and that flipped the switches, and then he was devoted. UNTIL he has a very ott reaction to something that baldly plays as 'needed one last relationship conflict before this ends! Amy is charming and a spitfire, but she's also a "charming spitfire" very much in the mold of many others I've read.

Still, I liked her, her devotion to her old lady friend, her courage. One of those books where the hero is rrl excited but also hung up on her virginity. Her virginity features prominently for all that it's not treasured. This whole review makes it sound I enjoyed the book less than I did, which is to say I enjoyed it a fair bit while knowing it wouldn't be a fave, and tbh that's a decent read in my estimation.

It's brisk and builds the continuing princess plot and has people in it I don't despise as leads and the leads to have chemistry despite their lack of a full arc. But, there's a lot of buts to be put in addenda to that, so to say. I don't need historicals, or abduction plots, or lord of the manors, or et cetera et cetera et cetera to have, hold, or underpin fully modern ideas and mores.

But there's also always some tension in historicals written contemporaneously to its modern readers doing just that. I felt--noticed--some of that tension in this book. Both in Dodd's choices and my reactions. That isn't necessarily fatal, but it didn't help this book along for me.

If I come across the other two books in the series I'd get them. But I'm not sure I'll go out of my way. I am tho glad to give Dodd another read or two and see how it goes. Oct 07, Amber Daulton rated it really liked it. Now friends with the villagers, Amy is appalled to learn that a dastardly marquess owns the island.

The people are starving and in danger of losing their decrepit homes because they cannot pay the rent. So she decides to put a stop to it and kidnaps the marquess to hold him for ransom. Jermyn Edmondon, the marquess of Northcliff, wakes up chained to a cot in a cellar. As he and Amy butt heads, he begins to realize his lazy, carefree lifestyle has threatened to ruin the lives of the people he once respected.

Not only that, the crooked manager of his estate may be the real threat to his life, not the mysterious, sensual Amy. Amy is a wonderful heroine, but her temper often gets the better of her. Of the three princesses, she was always the wild one who broke the rules in the name of justice. Jermyn is a very unlikable character at first. His disdain, coldness, and haughtiness irritated me—as the author surely intended for her readers—but his attitude hides deep pain.

Once his back story is revealed, I sympathized with him. I noticed a few inconsistencies between books 1 and 2. For example: in book 1, Prince Rainger was imprisoned for eight years. Apr 21, Jenn Hill rated it it was ok Shelves: did-not-like. I read this book previously when I was younger and really liked it. This time around, it did nothing for me. Jermyn was aggressive and thought nothing of Amy other than that he must take her. The first sexual scene involves her choking him and afraid she's about to be raped.

She literally states that she thinks he is going to rape her. Then suddenly she gives in and grabs him and kisses him and lets him touch her. Also, they made Amy a strong woman until she has sex repeatedly and th I read this book previously when I was younger and really liked it. Also, they made Amy a strong woman until she has sex repeatedly and then, in her own words, she becomes "as placid as a brooding mare".

Yes, sex may relax you, but this made it seem like "Oh if your woman is acting up, just shag her until she calms down. I kept reading just because there is a little action and mystery and I wanted to finish it. Aug 05, Alma Bonacic rated it did not like it. I found this book on my family's bookshelf, belonging to God-knows-who and liked the cover — why not read something light and plot heavy while reading Jane Eyre?

It rarely happens that I refuse to read a book till the end — here too, I wanted to finish it despite being so annoyed with it. The plot sounded interesting, I was invested, and so I continued. This is the youngest of the three lost princesses, Amy, whom we met in Some Enchanted Evening where she decided to leave her older sister in Scotland and make her own way.

We meet Amy a couple of years later living with a little old lady in a rundown cottage and the whole village in desperate straits. Amy concocted a scheme to kidnap the landowner, Jermyn, the Marquess of Northcliff, for ransom to help the villagers. But things don't go according to plan as Jermyn's uncle refuses to pa 3. But things don't go according to plan as Jermyn's uncle refuses to pay the ransom An enjoyable HR by an author at the top of her game.

I'm looking forward to Prince Rainger's hunt of the last sister. Jun 24, Robin rated it liked it Shelves: historical-rom. Princess Amy was a little hard for me to warm up to, but the character study of a young woman growing up from the age of 12 in survival mode in its harshest sense, and so little understanding of love, is beautifully, poignantly written, as is Jermyn, who grew up with a profound sense of abandonment.

The Barefoot Princess feature documentary narrates the universal paradigm of the personal journey in search of oneself. The symbol of this path is the real and metaphorical journey of a woma Read all The Barefoot Princess feature documentary narrates the universal paradigm of the personal journey in search of oneself.

The symbol of this path is the real and metaphorical journey of a woman who, going through Asia, Africa and Europe over 40 years of difficult life experiences, The symbol of this path is the real and metaphorical journey of a woman who, going through Asia, Africa and Europe over 40 years of difficult life experiences, was finally able to face some inner conflicts lying deep within the human heart.

She found Read all. Directors Samantha Cito Simona Cocozza. Samantha Cito story Simona Cocozza. Kim Young-Ja. See more at IMDbPro. Add photo. Top cast Edit. Kim Young-Ja Kamellia as Kamellia. Samantha Cito Simona Cocozza. Storyline Edit. She found herself through the art of dancing, which gave her real freedom. The protagonist is the Japanese artist Kamellia, the first Far East belly dancer in the second half of the last century, who became a living legend in the Arab world, where the media named her the "Princess of Oriental Dance".

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