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Test and see if this will fix it. I'll edit the OP. Let me know if you notice any other problems. I hope you don't mind that I resized it to x pixels. Would be inaccurate unless you got the real lolifox IP. Very trendy.

Maybe was just getting on his feet and had to roll something back. It's how I like it but idk how it looks on smaller monitors. What a lucky guy if so. Police don't care about us. Sexy little cumbuckets. I'm sorry if it was me. You guys really proved pedos can show absolutely no self restraint whatsoever and have no respect for rules which is why you'll forever be relegated to hidden boards on backwater russian shitholes like this forever.

Fuck all of you. You stupid ignorant piece of garbage. No child nudity or topless girls - New rule! Does that include any occurrences or just the front where the nipples are? We're all going to die alone with everyone in the world hating us because you're too retarded not to bite the hand that feeds us and I'm ashamed to have anything in common with you people.

You'll take that too won't you, you fucking faggot? You never see the end of the road. The bigger picture. Mildly content with pretending to extend olive branches at the likes of Jim and his cronies and people like that. Fucking normies You sicken me you plague of man. Good question. I think they don't want to have the front showing, so that means little girl nipples are forbidden for now.

Wanna help me DP this little honey? Topless is the norm in Europe or are we under Amerifag jurisdiction? Those guys are still trying to subjugate females by body shaming so it wouldn't surprise me if that's the reason we can't show harmless topless beach girls.

Of course I do. It's a shame we can't show their beautiful pink little nipples. Maybe it is only temporary. The admins are trying to negotiate with the host. I wish I could take them all the park for a picnic and them back to my place for a no jamies slumber party. We'll play party games, watch cartoons and snuggle in a double king sized bed and go to sleep. Good night sweet princesses, you make life worth living. So cute! So gorgeous, sexy, hot, and irresistible.

She just turns me on to the point of I wanna drill her holes til she quivers with orgasms and blow my load allover her perfect, flawless, prepubescent little body. Then we'd have a shower and some anal and a nap. Can anybody here honestly say they've never seen a girl that inspired similar feelings? I thought I was in the General thread I wasn't paying attention to where i was.

I'm sorry. I think it is worth noting. Out of curiosity, how far does she go in some vids? It's dysnomia's pr stunt every now and then. Just a friendly warning. If I'll see boy nipples allowed with this I'm going to nuke this.

You want it? It's yours, my friend. What about legal teens? All of them? Those agea are internationally considered legal adult ages. So can we posttopless or nudes of legal teens? If she looks young and pretty enough why not. Under 18yo female nudity and topless is not allowed. If you want, you could make a lolicon thread.

Dollchan is very broken. It saves long filenames with a … before the last dot. Lolicon contains depictions of under aged girls engaged sexual situations. It is considered in many places to be legal forn of art. Is hardcore lolicon allowed? It is considered in many other places to be illegal child porn. Those places are ran by idiots. It's bullshit. And I think even in Germany or Australia that porn of girls with small breasts is also considered cp so you could be charged with cp if you made a sex tape with a petite girl.

Same is true about places where child porn is illegal. But that does not make them go away. I'm using Firefox. I'm going to end up in the boobox. This pic is inappropriate and possibly illegal, I have to report it. Though Magic Lolita in general is great, to be honest. But too bad the poster is just a link spammer. I thought it was a browser option. Why was I auto banned for spamming? I did not spam, or make a lot of posts. The system is a meanie. Code test. I got the ban message when I tried to post that, so I thought it was from something before.

Why is the. It used to be usable. Onions tend to bog down after a certain period of time, but restarting sometimes cures it. Nobody wants to read your retarded fantasies. A friend of mine was banned from here, why? Every time he tries to find out it just says go away spammer. Maybe He got an automatic ban from the system for posting "too fast" or weird links. In any case: Just change your IP pham.

Had same problem for while and tried multiple ips and same happened even from onion address. Can't log on no matter how hard I try I'm using a friend's puter. Just waited and posting started working. Let me know if a new board opens up, this one has a little too many cum stains on it. Time to rescue all the lil girls on earth, they aren't safe with normies or pedos. Your mom's a slut. Vols fucks your mother. What about Dolls?

Are they ok? If not I understand. Those things are not even human. But, why? They're dolls, they're not real. In many countries porn is banned and illegal. In many countries 2D children depictions or photoshopped underage faces on adult bodies is also illegal. Which is many of the other stuff on this site that is still up Just my 2 cents.

I have a question regarding posting newds with little censor marks. More specifically, the legality. Now I guess it flies within the rules of the board, but isn't it still technically "illegal? And for that matter what is even the point of saving censored images that you would rather have the clean versions of, but I suppose it's a nice way to see stuff you may not have seen before.

They may look the same, but little girl nipples will grow into beautiful breasts, so we must avert our eyes. It is only if the subjects are engaged in obvious sexual activity or the focus of the image is on the crotch and genitals. Topless little girls look like shirtless little boys, and in most of Europe it is acceptable in their culture.

I find it laughable that the site or host here has a freak out over exposed nipples when they allow a bunch of clothed models with spread legs and asses in the air - obvious focus on the genitals even if they are clothed is still sexual exploitation! Get you're priorities straight.

You're all pedos coming here to FAP and that's pandering to obscenities. It doesn't matter if they're clothed, or topless, or it's drawn as lolicon, or you Photoshop stupid things over the professional nude modeling sets like LS - which are still CP to the LEA no matter how you sensor them.

So if you're going to cater to all that, you might as well allow the topless beach stuff, because it's the least of your problems. Not with fully clothed LG's as that poster suggests. It can't be classified as CP in any way. However, what he said about the model pictures is spot on. They are posed lewdly, dressed in skimpy panties that show pussy lip or partial asshole. Legs spread wide, or bent over and focused on their asses. You can read more about obscenity laws here… legal-dictionary.

Nudity alone, such as photos from nudist colonies, are completely legal in the USA. Photos of your kids playing in the tub, or in the yard, sans clothing is also legal. It's amazing that the mods here aren't aware of this and allow the pics they do, but won't allow a topless little girl, who looks exactly like a topless little boy prior to the onset of puberty, yet if this was a lb board, you'd see hundreds of topless boys.

It also amazes how many people, when faced with the truth, rather than provide an argument as to why they believe the poster they replied to is incorrect, they reply with…Wait for it…. I need some new fap material. I want to but I'm scared to.

But go ahead and live in denial. That is different country to country. SJWs are concerned about wetbacks blocked by a border wall, niggers getting shot by cops, and crying over Donald Trump all fucking day - and I'm not. I'm just saying it's stupid to not allow topless girls when this place seems to allow other shit that's clearly defined as child porn and exploitation under US laws than photos some naive parents innocently take of their kids in a bath, or on a beach, and post it openly on the internet for pedos to fap too.

What I call unintentional CP by the fact that your getting off on to it. How exactly am I doing that? Your ignorance far outshines your intelligence at this point in time though. Your incessant, childish name calling, only proves you're lack of knowledge and ability to present a valid argument in defense of your claims.

I can't prove you're a faggot, but I'm still pretty sure you are one. Others will have to make their own decisions. You've been rekt and reduced to being able to do nothing more than make pathetic attempts at insulting people. I'm so embarrassed, I should go hide now. At least you didn't deny being a faggot, so there's that. You're sure impressing me. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it, or exercise their revolutionary right to overthrow it : abraham lincoln.

Maybe someday you'll be able to impress someone as well. Right now all you're doing is showing how insecure you really are. I think you're going to like the gift your mom got you for your first day of kindergarten. She sent me a picture of it. She didn't buy any panties for you though. She said that will make it easier for the teachers to fondle your tiny little wiener and balls.

My bad, you don't have any balls…. I've been to sites like this where some limits were set by folks who hosted or sponsored the site in some way. If no nips is what is required to keep the place on-line… then it is what it is and it's best to just accept it. I think the guys who have large collections would probably prefer edited pics not be posted because they won't want to collect them.

Guys who are new to this and don't have much of a collection might really appreciate seeing them. The best way to improve this board would be to ban the shit posters. After a thread gets 4 or 5 hundred posts it starts to bog down.

When half of them are pointless shit posts it's just kind of ridiculous. I say post what you want to post and if it gets deleted then you know you're not supposed to post it. English govorun. U you all forbidden little girls?!?! Nu nichego, dont horrible, blagodarya you all borda ist live. Tight young loli holes are the best.

Had mine in a 3 year olds ass and a 5 year olds cunt. I mean I hold down the image the pop up menu gives me the option to save, which I click…but then Nada :. Alternatively, if you have an image editor app, you can trick it into sharing the image via it and it will open it and you can save it from there.

I tried to share it to the editor but I got a file not found:null. I actually had it not work the first time I used it but figured I'd it again one time and it worked. Try a different editor, then? I did disable all things google, want this to be a pure Tor tablet, but a message google-play services wants to update… shows when I open the editor.

I don't like guys with cell phones. I like Jusin Bieber. He's sexy when he speak in a cell phone. Wrong thread, bro,…JB…doesn't belong here unless… he's posting… This nipple thing is ridiculous. We're talking about candid shots of girls at public pools and beaches not breaking any laws.

Surely exceptions can be made for beach and pool girls. There are topless girls in Girltime. I don't know. How do you talk to people with such closed minds…. You all is try in to close boards… what do you expect to achieve a perfect religious state? Where it's better to watch a body count than a beautiful body? We are here, and we are queer…in the original definition. I'm board… think I'll go visit other threads in this string universe.

In real life groups of people don't all talk at once and if they do then it's the loudest most persistent person that is heard that's more like freedom to be the loudest real life speech is always being limited, either by a polite use of Shhh, or a louder shut the fuck up before I punch you in the mouth online you can still have Shhh but very few are able to punch you in the mouth.

Something happens when you take away the fear of being punched in the mouth, now you have an unrealistic freedom of speech. Factor in anonymity and now you have an unrealistic human with powers of speech beyond what is natural in the real world. Super Freedom Of Speech - better be careful with that shit it can literally blow your mind!! Well said and none too soon. Kind of lame if you ask me.

Thought this site was different. Whole posts that contain only images may be deleted, but if the post contains a comment it is never removed unless it's spam. If the thread was deleted by one of my board volunteers, then I need to tell him or her to not do that unless it is a spam thread.

However if a global volunteer deleted the thread, then there is nothing I can do about it. Hello all, funny thing cleared my data and now when I open the forum I get the opinion. I mean every time I change a page or try to post.. If it's an ad revenue thing, please get some child model ads instead, or maybe it's time to re-install.

I don't see any ads. I know, right I never had ads before either, shit I must have a mal that avg didn't get, will reinstall… I guess.. I'd suggest backing up everything you want to save and do a complete re-installation of your operating system. Even if you are careful about downloads there is all softs of exploits that could harm your pc such as javascript exploits. This is place is going to shit because you mods fail at deleting threads and focus to much on pictures.

I give you month before you burn away like all the rest. I really do wish certain posters could troll less and be a bit more productive. Hurtcore, rape, on and on about just negative shit. Banning does nothing and its not like I have the capacity or legal powers to execute such posters on the spot.

Even though I don't approve of discussions about rape or hurtcore, I won't delete it because it still counts as free discussion. All of whom have came out to say the videos were rape. Are you going to doubt the words of the girls themselves? It was a glorious site to behold to see such a young one take an 11inch cock completely.

But verbal abuse like bart did it with tara is a completely different story. There is nothing more arousing in CP if you ask me. And no I'm not a cop. Pedos who like to take risks. Like getting a bj at the mall changing room. You can hear people walking past the curtains and sometimes even overhear the overcom of what specials are on sale for that day. So much fun! Even saw one crazy pedo Daddy who stuck it up his daughter's pooper AT her school classroom bathroom!

That takes balls. Props to that man. Once I went to my local school, convinced a staff member to let me have access to sports equipment room in the gym, found some swedish frisbees, asked a loli I knew from down the street if she wanted to go play, went to a hall that was empty for some reason, played frisbee until we broke some piece of fire alarm equipment on the ceiling, then went home.

I don't think pedos would be into hurtcore or rape if they love children so it doesn't belong here. Many women are into it. You're agreeing with the normies and you don't even recognize it. What makes them different? Do you go out looking for sex partners so you can please their desires? You should always use https tho. If you live in Australia and come here to post child sex imagery probably not.

I've been travelling and I have yet to find a p2p friendly VPN, not free at least, not ready to go there. I remember ghost from the good old Ranchi days. I was there when he gave it all up, cause he found a woman.. Ignore the other replies. Although the material here is non nude many of the images are considered in the west to be CP No matter how ridiculous that may sound, good guys have had their lives ruined by being caught looking at Candydoll for example.

Of course the police are overrun and have higher priorities but if someone reports you they will always investigate. VPNs are cheap and these days essential! You should also learn how to clean your PC thoroughly. You'd be surprised how much crap is left by everyday programs all over the place and CCcleaner etc do not remove it all.

Dreamer: this thread is for discussion about the rules. But you need the add on to make sure it cleans everything. Appcleaner is useful too. Make sure you set it to wipe not just delete. PrivaZer is essential. All these programs do slightly different jobs. RWipeandClean is good too but it has to be paid for.

So special attention has to be paid to image edit programs, video editors, video cutters, slideshow producers, bittorrent programs, emule etc etc. You have to find out what these programs save and where they save it. From the court cases I have read no evidence on your PC means you can't be convicted of anything. Did you know that Windows caches IE saves a record of every image your view!

Luckily CCCleaner deletes that. Don't use IE. Use Firefox in private mode for non Tor browsing. In regards to porn, I think it's fine as long as it's spoilered and is not being spammed. An example of a "good" use of a porn post would be pointing out the degeneracy involved with porn and normie culture. Like pic related There is a thread about girls growing up. So I post pic related in kind of a funny way to elaborate my point that I don't like girls growing up because this is what happens to them Like not reall in a gore kind of way.

Just like a funny or insightful way that is taken from reality and truth. You need one that is logless. I hope everyone knows the case of 'hidemyass'. This is a company registered in the UK. Despite their assurances of anonymous browsing they kept logs as they are required to do by UK law. Subsequently some users got notices for copyright infringement after downloading movies. So they have nothing to hand over if they choose not to keep them.

But we have no idea who is running these VPNs. So avoid extreme stuff as you should anyway. I am going to whisper this here,instead of shouting it out loud elsewhere in the interests of self protection. I am even doing it from a cafe that i have a friend working at so i know that the security camera's are conveniently turned off this evening Bluntly but to the point…MK is compromised.

I know this as i am a rw friend of Warhead,and he very recently got in touch and warned me. So now i have warned you. Stay safe brothers,and pass on the word. Other anons here said another one is down too, maybe a big raid is coming. It is a good thing that I have never been tempted to visit those kind of sites. The normie community would judge all pedo pic boards by the most extreme of them and if the media were to report on the matter they would, of course, present that which would have the greatest effect on most shocking to their audience.

Folks wouldn't appreciate the difference between MK and Lolifox even though nudity and porn aren't allowed here. Yes, I agree with this and is why I hate that VolsTifi character here. I would love to see his face if his transcripts were ever read out in a court.

I'm talking about Tor. It reduces moderators to janitors basically… having to constantly clean up the place in real time because they lack the ability to effectively even if just temporarily ban folks by way of their IP addresses. He gets off work in the evening and spends two or three hours answering questions folks have posted since the day before.

Every once in a while he'll ban someone for three days, usually for cussing during an argument. He told me that the rules are that a persons third ban would be permanent but in the four years he's been doing it, it's never come to that. You use anonymous accounts that need time earned in order to post, even with tor. Get a ban, and it is reset to zero. Very effective even with 2 or 3 part time mods. I'm all for free speech but not when it's to the detriment of the board.

I'm quite fed up with all this free speech supremacy being waved in your face when you just want shitposting to stop. The reason it continues is because nothing is done to create a civil atmosphere. If shitposters want that, they can visit the millions of other dead boards and sites and shitpost all they want.

I can't think of anything that MC has ever done well. It started out as a total mess, with Gad trying to reinvent the wheel having less than zero coding skills. It has all been downhill from there. Now it's a complete clusterfail. Beyond repair. In fact, it works so well you won't even bother to try. Still, I come here to see pics of, and dream about, the soft sweet innocent beauty of young angelic little girls.

Having to wade through post after post of trolling really detracts from the experience. I mean, it's like the polar opposite. Like if someone handed me a sundae then pissed on it. Shitposters do nothing but detract from the discussion ongoing.

Sadly the rules are too lax. If so, I hope you don't think I've been criticizing you. I understand the thankless hours that go into herding pedos at a pic board. Apparently wanting less lewd shitposting or just shitposting in general means fuck you.

Mah free speech, y'know? It must be awful seeing in black and white mode all the time. The board page count will soon be reduced to pages. Save any old threads before they The only HC porn I like is blowjob and facial videos. I know it's a lot but I don't want to loose them. Imageboards should not be an archive.

My internet is too slow and my hard drive is too full to download all the files from those threads in the limited time that I have. All I can suggest to do is use Downthemall or a similar extension to download the files from whichever threads you want. Why can't you download a general when it's closed?

You can use wget to download the threads. There was a pic of very cuye beautiful girl standing in a purple dress or skirt. This pic was almost always on top about 10 days ago. Can you send me that pic please. No need to apologise, you will always be based. I can understand, been there too, now pc is a toaster but with a lot of space to store. It fucking worked!!! NOW please tell me that I have at least a week to download all the generals, it's sad but I'm not a NEET anymore and work consume a lot of time to do this, so please tell me that I have at least a week to download this 40 something general threads.

If only I knew…. And i also removed almost all junk shits and duplicate files. What i doing now is compacding and think a good host do upload. What i doing now is compacting and thinking in a good host to upload. It is probably something with the Dollchan extension not letting you download locked threads. Thanks Anon! I can't be this happy! Two new allowed file types: psd , djvu. I made the birthday cake. What they didn't know was the cake was made with 2 weeks worth of my semen and frosting was one weeks worth of semen.

I got a semi from watching her and all her friends eat it and say how delicious it was. A subtle way of skirting their own host rules, maybe. Also djvu??? Who actually even uses that format? And yet a plain txt file is forbidden. I don't understand the reasoning. Abandon site, Raggy! Now you can either believe I was trolling by acting retarded, or believe that I actually am that retarded. The choice is yours! Get him to prison asap lmao. CP is not allowed in germany where they host his email account of being admin of this place.

Thank you for the information. I changed the board settings to this: Allowed file types: mp4 webm mp3 ogg Not allowed: swf pdf psd djvu. What was the reason behind allowing psd and djvu anyway? Why I allowed it was because I thought it would be cool to allow photoshop files. But I don't want them to be shared if you can hide exploits in them. I think as sort of "opposition" to all the threads in here that are semi-child-porn-ish with bare butts etc, we should make a "cute girl's portrait" or similair thread, where the focus would lie on the girl's face instead of body?

I though am new here and don't know how to open a thread, but I think it would be a good idea. Oh okay, thank you. I though have no pictures on my computer, so I'll let someone else start it if I'm not the only one thinking it would be a good idea. I'd like to see you relate CVE to lolifox or infinity in general in any way. It's very unlikely that your browser knows what those obscure extensions are and to the server there is no difference between psd, djvu, pdf, swf, mp3 and ogg files other than they end in a different way.

The issue earlier was with. The other, was with an obscure file type that has the same concerns as using. All being introduced without a reason, on a pedo board. Ego-trip over, slow poke. Admins reverse bad decision. The admin hasn't reversed anything. The BO did. Moreover, all the reasons that have been mentioned in this thread for why it was a "bad decision" still apply to some of the file formats that remain allowed here.

Good job missing the point entirely. Also, pdf will no longer be allowed but there are still plenty of it in this board. Come on now, this is pure pedantry. Could say the same about you. You give the impression that because x file format can be exploited then why bother being concerned about y file format, while the main concerns were stated above.

I am sure there are plenty of people better versed than you here but with less of an ego. Pipe down junior. It's actually MORE likely that someone would be able to exploit the files are still allowed than the ones that have been removed. Good job. If what you're doing does not fix the root of the problem then what you're doing it's nothing but a security theater and the only thing you're accomplishing is in creating a false sense of security. I'm sure there are although I personally have not seen many of them myself and you certainly do not look like one of them.

Either way if they are able to show that the files that were removed are inherently more dangerous to lolifox and its users than the ones that are still allowed here than I'll be glad to have learned something from them. Which would be what?

Ban all files on an image board? Don't they? You're welcome. What I said it's trivially true if you have any idea about how a browser behaves. Who exactly said that "root of the problem" applies to all files? It sounds like you're making generalizing statement based solely on projection.

You claim any file format still in use here could be taken advantage of just as easily as those now banned. So do it. Prove it. Start with. Forgive me if I don't wait around. Yes, quite. Perhaps I don't let my browser or even this system parse media files besides standard image formats. Thought of that? I was being facetious, smartguy. That's not what I said. There is a big difference between "any" and "some". Words matter when dealing with things like this and I chose mine very carefully and I suggest you start doing the same if you want to be taken seriously in the future.

You fail to understand how exploitation works. Not having a "gif exploit" it's not a problem if one can still trigger an exploit from one of the other allowed formats. This imageboard it's only about you. Security it's not only about you. If either of those would true I can assure you we wouldn't be having this argument. Just stop. Move on with your life. Here's your complimentary You.

Here's your complimentary Fuck You. They're in your list of dis-allowed file types. I'm pretty sure he's not usually around at this time of day. That said, SWF's and Flash in general have long constituted a security nightmare. See video related for a metaphor of security in the past decade with Adobe Flash.

For what it's worth, if the SWF's that you have are actually just videos as opposed to games, etc. This will not work in the source SWF's are vector animations. They have to actually have been be "real videos" that were encoded to SWF. You also must have Flash installed on the computer that you are using for the conversion. Hope that helps. None of the file types that have been removed have been shown to be exploitable here. Having said that, there have been countless Flash vulnerabilities so you're essentially playing with fire by opening.

It's the only extension that actually made sense to remove. Your words. Resorting to equivocation is rather lame. Lol, this guy. Silver-Angels - Staysa Topic started by laor. IMBD Topic started by laor. IMBDbonus Topic started by laor. IMBDmain Topic started by laor.

English American Russian. Lost Password? Forums in 'Models Foto and Video Archive'. Last Post. Starsesion Photo Sets , AM by jojo. Mark this forum read Models Foto and Video Archive. Last Post [ asc ]. Replies: 2, Views: 2,, Teen models Collections Topic started by vasya Pages: 1 2 3 Replies: Views: , Replies: 14 Views: Very beautiful sets of teen girls models Topic started by vasya Pages: 1 2 3 Replies: 1, Views: 1,, Yesterday , PM Last Post : vasya.

Replies: 1, Views: , Replies: 0 Views: 1, Replies: 0 Views: Replies: 1 Views: 6, Replies: 0 Views: 3, Replies: 1 Views: 3, Replies: 0 Views: 2, Replies: 0 Views: 6, Viso D'angelo Topic started by Ilove Pages: 1 2 3 Replies: Views: 12, Replies: 2 Views: 5,

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