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Best Buy has honest and unbiased customer reviews for Logitech - G9x Laser Mouse - Black. Read helpful reviews from our customers. The Logitech G9x gaming mouse is customizable for comfort and function! Select either Wide Load or Precision grip, or choose from a selection of optional. Programmable Laser Gaming Mouse with Precision Grips | G9: M/N M-UAJ | G9x: M/N M-U Logitech G9x Laser Mouse troubleshooting, repair. 24 OPEN I loved the the registry, you. Users who need a terminal need ones involving the. The CPU and and easy to causing the issue be very surprised if anyone has anything as light to an interface the focus is.

Cons: Now all that being said, this product has some flaws. As other have pointed out, the two covers really aren't two covers, theres the comfort grip cover which feels good, but quite frankly, is garbage, and theres the precision grip which is what the designers clearly intended the mouse for.

The other issues, while minor, do provide some reason for you to look at other mice, as this one is beginning to show its age in the competitive market, and really ranks as more of a mid-range gaming mouse. I have yet to have mine break outright after 3 years of ownership, but lets just say its been on the edge for about 2 years.

Overall Review: So all in all my major complaints do nothing to outweigh the advantages. Good feel and lack of any annoying splattering of buttons which would interrupt your flow. The mouse rides a little low for FPS games which require broader sweeping motions in general, but will certainly suffice.

Acceptable for MMO games. Its overkill in all the wrong ways. Lacks buttons, has a intense hand grip, but overall would work accept. Pros: Swappable grips and weights, feels high quality. Software works well and is not intrusive. Cons: Like all logitech mice that allow you to switch between free-wheel scrolling and notched scrolling, the middle click is terrible. High effort and nearly impossible to hit without inadvertently scrolling. Cons: Does not stand up to long-term gaming. I have used this mouse for 13 months.

For the price, I expected it to last longer. After 10 months, the left mouse button stopped responding properly. It would register 2 clicks for every 1 click. Very annoying in Skyrim, especially as an archer. Overall Review: If you are expecting a mouse that you can use for several years, this is not the mouse for you. Add to cart. Price Alert. Add To List. Meet Your Sellers. Are you an E-Blast Insider?

Get Educated. See more " logitech g9x ". MicroGear Precision Scroll Wheel The innovative MicroGear precision scroll wheel operates in either of the two modes: Free-spin mode for hyper-fast, nearly frictionless scrolling, or Click-to-click mode for detailed navigation using an ultra-precise ratchet-scrolling mechanism. Onboard Memory With upgraded onboard memory, store more profiles and longer macro strings on the Logitech G9x without the need for software.

High-performance Laser Engine Featuring an advanced laser engine, the Logitech G9x provides extreme accuracy and flawless tracking on nearly any surface. On-The-Fly Sensitivity Adjustment The Logitech G9x features On-The-Fly sensitivity adjustment that provides instant access to switching sensitivity settings without requiring driver installation.

Shift from pixel-precise targeting to fast-twitch maneuvers without pauses of the action. Choose from hundreds of colors to personalize your LEDs! Weight Adjustable Cartridge Adjust the Logitech G9x Gaming Mouse's weight up to 28 grams and balance for the control you need to dominate the competition.

Eggxpert Review. Pros: Changeable covers, braided cord, colored LED Cons: to switch scroll modes you have to flip the mouse over. Pros: received replacement for lost UPS mouse today. Cons: Had to wait longer but not newegg's fault. Overall Review: great gaming mouse, DPI beast! Michael B.

Owned the G9 - love this one even more. Brian M. Almost perfect Mark W. Logitech Fanboy No More! Pros: She has a great personality and is a good dancer! Troy R. Verified Owner. Adem R. Steven P. Your choice of mouse is a vital part of your gaming PC setup and the right one can make a big difference to your overall experience.

PCGameBenchmark ratings are all built up from the scores the Amazon community give the most important aspects of a PC gaming mouse. We merge those scores to create a final percentage rating. How heavy a mouse is can be important too, and this Logitech mouse weighs in at 0. PCGameBenchmark ratings are built up from the scores the Amazon community give the most important aspects of a PC gaming mouse. We merge those scores to create a percentage rating. Check out best deals on cheap gaming mice and the latest deals on Amazon.

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Hello, was wondering when the release for this is. Thank You. I was originally going to wait for the Razer Mamba, but decided to go with the G5. What a great mouse this is! ThanksRuben, really appreciate it. By the way David, i tried the mamba the other day.

Though it has a better dpi at Dpi, the polling rate is slower than the upcoming G9x. I prefer my current G9 design over it. We understand that many have traditionally preferred corded gaming mice but that there is certainly a growing population of gamers who prefer the convenience of wireless gaming, so thanks for weighing in! Not any good for gaming why cannot the existing mouse be upgraded.

I would buy another one. That would not take a whole lot of effort on your part to do this. Sorry but as the MX is now it is pretty useless!! I have to say that comfort is a personal decision. Your best bet is to go to a store and try each one for yourself. Hey, I have seen the custom pictures on the G9x grips. I love my G5 very very very much, but it is too big for my grip style. Do you have any plans to make a electric cracked blue grip for the G9x similar to the G5?

S: I realise that you can order custom made grips, but what I meant to ask is: are there any plans to make a G5 skin over the entire grip? I had a G7 cordless but unfortunately it broke, the more unfortuante part is even though its under warranty neither the retailer where i purchased it from or logitech are willing to fix the problem.

Each tells me to speak to the other. But that aside i want a gaming grade mouse but wish for something cordless. I am sceptical of the G9x it just doesnt look very comfortable like the G7 was. The G7 was absolutly fantastic and i wish it was still manufactered in Australia.

Is the release date for Germany still valid? No change to the release dates. There are several factors that influence release dates but I assure you we are trying to get these out as quickly as possible. Other than the feel, the thing I like about the G5 is the ability to re-configure the buttons. Maybe others have asked this before… is there a possibility that the wingman gaming mouse returns as optical version? All made of dry grip material and rubber. MX optics would suffice perfectly for a competitively priced mouse.

Thanks for the feedback and for the loyalty to the classic Wingman shape! Having said that, we always like to hear your suggestions for new products, and enthusiasts comments like this CAN influence our decisions. G9x is a very ugly mouse looks like a black brick of some short but with some nasty features for a gaming mouse.

By the way what happened to Wireless gaming mouses like G7? Why Logitech does not create wireless gaming mouses anymore? Microsoft and Razer have already released some great wireless gaming mouse like the Sidewinter X8 and the Mamba and i am hearing some good words about them…. Thanks for the feedback on the G9x. We kept the same ID as the G9, which is our highest user-rated mouse. Just remember that looks can be deceiving… many find this to be a comfortable precision shape.

A more specific example, the MX mouse has sensitivity switching, lots of programmable buttons and a large comfortable shape. However, as quoted above, note the wording used, specifically.. It is now almost the end of May…any new word on the release date in the U.

I keep checking the Logitech site and searching online… nothing yet. I have some bad news and some good news. The G9x has been pushed back in terms of expected availability. It is currently expected to be available in the U. There are a couple of reasons why we had to do this, but I apologize for announcing the product and then having to wait so long to ship it. I know that many of you will be very disappointed despite the increase in specs, and I apologize for the delay.

I am a Mac user, and I know that in the past, the G-series of mice has not been Mac-supported. I read on the forums that a Logitech rep said that G9 a Mac driver was at one time planned. In a later post, he then said that it was improbable that a Mac driver was going to be implemented for the G9. We do realize that there is a growing number of gamers who game on the Mac platform and that our customers want Mac drivers for our gaming products.

Just found this blog and read the comments from Ruben on the 22nd May. These comments came as a shock as I have a g9x mouse part no: sitting in front of me, from a store in my native UK. It appears to be avaliable part no: from retailers in Germany as well. What gives logitech, has the product been released? Or does this mean I have brought a fake. Apart from the sensor difference, is there any way of telling apart the G9x or a G9 which has had G9x stickers and grips put on it?

There is no software to tell you what the DPI is of a mouse as far as I am aware. In addition to the above. Finally had time to get the mouse out, install the drivers and have a play. Set point and windows detect the mouse as a G9x and give access to the full DPI. The cursor moves across the screen just over 3x the amount my old DPI mouse does, so everything looks kosher. After using for some hours, I can say the mouse is great and the best I have owned so far….

The only thing that leaves a sour taste in the mouth was the nail bitting, thinking I had been duped and that the mouse may not be supported properly if a new up-speced version is about to arrive in a few months. Any clarification on this whole contradition of released, not released, going to be changed and released? I probably have a dozen of them lying around the house.

All I want is an MX Revolution mouse, with its superior ergonomics and on-the-fly freewheel switching, with the tracking system and on-the-fly DPI adjustment of a G9! Is that too much to ask? Give me my perfect gaming mouse! I am the director of purchasing for a company selling your product for a very long time. Which means they will not ship to us probably before the 14th.

However, he found a retailer with them in stock. Ours have been ordered for months. These profiles not only store custom DPI settings but custom button programming and more. If you opt to use on-board memory, the mouse supports five profiles, and if you opt for software-based profiles, then it can support up to Macro support is highly developed. At its simplest, you can bound a single keystroke or mouse action to a particular button.

At its most complex, you can record multiple keystrokes, mouse movements, and more, and you can add delays in between elements so that playback unfolds in a precise manner. In addition to being ergonomic and designed for a broad range of usage scenarios, Logitech has designed the product to be highly customizable so that you can dial it in for your particular preferences. It features interchangeable precision grips so that you can adjust the mouse to your movement style. It also has four weight compartments, which let you adjust the weight by as much to 28 grams and up to a total of grams.

The mouse also features multiple inputs, and these include listed below:. Skip to main content. Shop by Category. All Auction Buy It Now. List View. Maximum DPI. Buying Format.

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