My adventures in the world of naruto anime

my adventures in the world of naruto anime

Naruto: Shippuden, developed by Studio Pierrot and directed by Hayato Date, is the sequel to the original Naruto anime; it corresponds to Part II of the manga. There's likely already an anime to suit your interests: high school rom-coms, heroic adventures in fantasy worlds, historical mysteries. Secrets you need to know when watching the Naruto anime! Read more My Hero Academia, Vol. quickly became the most popular ninja manga in the world. CHRISTINE 1990 Each server child You will then mobile connection from. Had a special click the downward. We can help on the remote folder of the to the mac Always show it reinstall mac os.

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My adventures in the world of naruto anime tim feehan my adventures in the world of naruto anime


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When one thinks of adventure, images that spring to mind evoke a sense of wonder, amazement and joy. If you are in the market for an upbeat and happy adventure, look no further than Fairy Tail. Fairy Tail is the whimsical story of a group of mages who practice magic under the guild of the same name. When rookie magic user Lucy is invited into the guild by the hot-headed Natsu, the group try to tackle all the problems they face through love and friendship.

Fairy Tail has its sinister moments of course. However, the majority of the show is just as the concept would have you believe — magical. Humor is par for the course here as well. It was made for those seeking adventure from the comfort of their own home. It asks of you not of your power level for assisting in battle, but what flavor tea you would like to drink while joining in on the victory festivities.

Aladdin is a great Disney movie. An incomparable voice coming from a veteran actor. Robin Williams is great but…. With the mystical Djinn Ugo located in his flute , Aladdin travels around the world. One day, he meets Alibaba Saluja; a young man in search of treasure from a nearby dungeon. The two team up and set forth on a course to explore the lands. The two set off around the globe tackling various dungeons. Cameos from established characters such as Sinbad and Jafar also make an appearance in the first and sequel series.

Magi also delves deep into themes of war, slavery and political corruption also. I would recommend Magi to anyone who loved Aladdin and was saddened by its short runtime. Anyone looking to relive their experience in Agrabah should give Magi their attention. Continue reading Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic from where the anime stopped by purchasing the manga.

Forced to pick a side. All I have to say is…. Similar to Hunter X Hunter, Digimon is all about growth. I mean, the focal point of the show is evolution. Not only do the monsters themselves evolve, but their human partners along with them. Do…do I really need to explain this one? You go out, catch monsters, and make them fight to protect your honor as a Pokemon master. Ok now that all the animal lovers have officially left the room, we can discuss the even deeper intracies of forcing your beloved pets into hand to hand combat.

Pokemon is an adventure for the strategist. The kind of person who loves optimizing a strategy when present with a myriad of options. Pokemon was also made for the collector. When we were young, many of us had trinket collections. Baseball cards, stickers; we scoured convenience stores, bookshops and discarded trash cans looking For that holographic Charizard card just me who went dumpster diving? We were all adventurers when it came to completing our collection.

Why not relive that excitement through the eyes of Ash and his Pokemon pals. Adventures often connote feelings of happiness. Visiting new regions and discovering fabled treasure. Most adventurers we have covered thus far Luffy, Lucy, Alibaba, etc , set out on an adventure of their own accord.

After the wall protecting his city is destroyed by colossal beings known as titans, Eren Jaeger vows to rid the planet of their existence entirely. Attack on Titan appeals to a more mature audience. Attack on Titan is a dark adventure that centers more so around the planning of the adventure. Several episodes of this show do not feature fight scenes whatsoever.

Instead, the overwhelming sense of dread gradually escalates, as the next twenty minutes are dedicated to cowering in fear of an oncoming threat. Anime like One Piece are easy to watch but hard to relate to. Attack on Titan does a great job of expressing genuine human emotions to its audience. Unfortunately all of these emotions are rather negative.

Anger, fear, and confusion are the set menu with this adventure anime. Emotional adventures require just as much mental fortitude as any other kind of quest. Zero no Tsukaima uses love not only to enrich its action narrative, but focuses on the main relationship as an integral part of its story. Zero no Tsukaima is an Isekai anime.

After living life until his teenage years in Tokyo, one day Saito is summoned to the mystical land of Halkeginia. Now he is forced to become the familiar of a student magician names Louise. In my adventure anime? Zero no Tsukaima is one of the few modern Shounen that is not afraid to delve into the love-lives of its characters. Other anime will either only hint at such an affair. Much like Sword Art Online, Zero no Tsukaima shows us the adventure of entering into a relationship with someone else.

The initial attraction, building into infatuation and then even further into love. Entering into the honeymoon phase and fighting for the relationship when things get tough. Most of us have undergone such a romantic adventure before. Zero no Tsukaima does a great job of tickling your nostalgia bone. For those yet to find their partner, Zero no Tsukaima does a great job of showing you what to look forward to. Usually accompanied right before disaster strikes in order to engage the viewer to continue to the next episode, fans have adopted this meme in order to imply a sudden disaster after a failed stunt for example.

Fans have used this iconic line to poke fun at those who have had the rug swept out from under their feet. Jojo possesses the uncanny ability to foresee his opponents next vocalization. This often leaves the enemy dumbstruck at this eerie mind reading capability.

Fans have started to use this for online individuals who attempt to backtrack on a comment or post they have made to Reddit, after it was met with animosity. There are so many more references that Jojo has to offer. Adventures are best enjoyed alongside like-minded people with who you can get along well. Should you embark into the world of Jojo, rest assured that you have thousands of friends ready and waiting for you. This one goes out to all the music lovers out there.

This samurai anime is unlike anything you have ever… heard before? A young woman named Fuu who hires two samurai; Mugen and Jin. Together, the trio attempt to track down a mysterious samurai who smells like sunflowers, that Fuu wishes to find. Those not in the know may be surprised to learn that Nujabes developed this OST. Nujabes have always been famous for their chilled and mellow music. Do you like History? Of course, you do! Luckily for you, Fate was thinking the exact same thing and underwent their own adventure: to genderbend every historical figure known to man…or woman.

Where to begin with the Fate series? The watch order of this franchise alone is an adventure itself! Each variation of the Fate series has a different storyline. However, the loose thread running through all of them sees human beings dubbed Masters summon historical figures dubbed Servants in order to battle each other in a war for the Holy Grail. Gigguk created a very helpful guide for newcomers to the Fate franchise.

Be sure to check it out to see just where you should begin. Our protagonists usually travel across vast lands and encounter obtrusive obstacles. Fate is such a gigantic franchise, with the resources available to invest in its already successful IP. Because of this, your adventure is not limited to only the big screen. Dust off your reading glasses and get to work on the visual novels.

Fate is the adventure anime that never has to end. Whether it be on the TV, computer screen, or in the palm of your hand, Fate will always be there to confuse both you and your sexuality. Log Horizon follows the same beats as Sword Art Online. When this anime first released, many people were quick to flock to the forums to brand it as an SAO clone. SAO is gaming-lite. In my opinion, it was created to appeal to as wide an audience as possible.

As such, very little detail is given to the actual gameplay involved in SAO. Not all anime fans are gamers after all, and some may have been deterred by endless exposition about the ideal specs of each character. Log Horizon was the anime made for the hardcore gamer. Much more care and attention is given in this adventure anime to the battle and combat mechanics, as well as all of the unique powers.

The only place left unexplored in the world is the Abyss. The Abyss is an enormous cave system, rife with dangerous creatures and undiscovered relics. Made in Abyss taps into the human drive to attain knowledge. We all hate the feel of confusion and the inadequacy of being unable to comprehend difficult topics. Think of it as a really difficult problem you have faced at work or school.

Now imagine if the entire rest of the world was also trying to solve that problem alongside you. The first person who found an answer would surely be met with untold praise and a deep sense of satisfaction. Competition and a thirst for knowledge are things that drive all of humanity to take action. Continue reading Made in Abyss from where the anime stopped by purchasing the manga. From the same mind that brought us Fairy Tail, comes this overlooked gem.

If you enjoyed your time with Natsu, Lucy and Grey, and were looking for something more, Rave Master will definitely scratch that itch. The plot of Rave Master can get very complicated. Once he collects them all, he will attempt to use them to destroy the terrorist organisation known as Demon Card.

Adventures are best embarked on with a plentiful party of participants. The Seven Deadly Sins were an order of knights who disbanded years prior due to supposed mutiny. After returning from hiding, Princess Elizabeth joins forces with Seven Deadly Sins leader Meliodas, to recruit the former sins, clear their names, and reclaim their land from the tyrannical Holy Knights. Seven Deadly Sins is a Shounen like no other.

Each of the sins has an interesting backstory and their own personal vendettas against a demon named Fraudrin; the demon who manipulated them into unsealing the demon race from their prison. Continue reading Seven Deadly Sins from where the anime stopped by purchasing the manga. The plot follows the travels of Elaina. Having long-held aspirations of journeying around the world, she now sets out and encounters many different people along the way, often assisting them in their troubles.

Unlike Seven Deadly Sins, Naruto and Bleach, here we are given a more personal take on the adventure anime, following solely Elaina. We get to witness the adventure from one perspective. While it may seem boring to only follow one narrative, I would argue the opposite. The meaning implies; giving too many people a say in what should be done in any situation, will often result in disaster apologies to the camels who were offended by this section. Likewise, in storytelling, if everyone tried to recount a story, likely facts will become jumbled and timeframes will be mistaken.

Through Majo no Tabitabi, we get to relive the bedtime stories our mother used to read us before bed. Hearing tales of faraway lands and liberated citizens. Nanoha is a timeline adventure in that this tale spans multiple years. Similar to Jojo in a sense but retaining its main character throughout. Each arc follows a different storyline but the central focus is often Nanoha and her adventures with her magical partners.

This is a great contrast as while Jono presents us with new characters to fall in love with each series, Nanoha allows the viewer to witness its protagonist grow before passing the reins to a new protagonist that Nanoha trained. The outside is not what matters. Accel World is the story of Haruyuki Arita; an overweight and bullied middle schooler obsessed with video games. Accel World reopened some long sewn wounds.

I must admit, even I dislike watching such a protagonist at first. If I wanted to watch someone overweight being bullied for twenty minutes I would just open my old year book and re-watch some memories.

The surface level adventure and the emotional adventure. By showing you Haruyuki achieving so much by accepting who he is and never giving up, the creators hope to inspire a generation of teens who are going through similar circumstances. Be it a dislike of your nose, your skin, your taste in music, or anything else that defines who you are; Accel World wants you to know that you are beautiful inside and out and will love you all the same.

If you are an elitist, and only choose to dine on the very most gourmet styles of animation and story, then do I have an anime for you. Tanjiro , a well-mannered teenager and humble charcoal salesman, one day returns from an outing to find that his family has been murdered by a demon. However, his sister, now transformed into a demon, has been left alive.

Together, the two depart the quaint cottage they once lived in, to find a cure and turn Nezuko back into a human. Kimetsu no Yaiba is a powerhouse. The show managed to rival One Piece in manga sales and for those unaware, this is unheard of.

One Piece is and has been the undisputed king of manga turnover for decades. Yet, here comes the new kid on the block to throw their hat into the ring. Or should I say, throw their hanafuda earrings into the ring? One of the reasons many set out for adventure is the opportunity to explore new worlds.

Those who have lived in their hometown for the majority of their life can understand the mundanity of viewing the same unchanging scenery each and every day. Going even a step further, a lot of anime also have similar art styles. Kimetsu no Yaiba blows the roof off any preconceived notions you had toward the limitations of animation. Once you witness the lustrous set pieces and gorgeous flowing animation, you will not be able to return to the stunted CG renders you once held dear.

Those looking for an adventure set in vibrant and awe-inspiring settings can look no further than Kimetsu no Yaiba. Continue reading Kimetsu no Yaiba from where the anime stopped by purchasing the manga. Cardcaptor Sakura is an adventure two times over. Depending on which version of the show you choose to watch, an entirely different adventure is in store for you. After opening an old book, Sakura mistakenly releases several magical Clow Cards into the world.

Each card is possessed by some kind of spirit and it is up to Sakura to track down all the cards, defeat the spirits and return them safely. Cardcaptor Sakura was released in two variations. Cardcaptor Sakura is a love story, through and through. Scenes with action are aplenty but it is always used to further the romantic relationships of the cast. Many of these scenes were removed for the English dub. The focus was instead shifted to the monster fights. If you have ever read a choose your own adventure novel, this would be the anime equivalent.

When faced with a choice in such books, you could either choose the left path to take shelter at a nearby inn or the right path to valiantly proceed into battle. About Us. Contact Us. Help Forum. Reviewing Handbook. Site News. Support Forum. Sunday, Apr. Members: 1, Happy Travels by Jack An awesome app imagined by a five year old! Dramatic Music App Certain situations demand dramatic music.

Now you have it! Copiers, Printers and More! Online since , here for your office equipment needs! NOVAcatmando's P. Me, Myself, and I Talking to myself, since I have no one to talk with…. Close A hole in her husband's shirt forces Anne to realize the fragility of life and her family. Daily Flash Fiction Challenge Enter your story of words or less. How old is old? Some days you'll feel ancient. Composed of life realisations and thoughts.

Vampire Bouncer A vampire as a bouncer in a dive bar on the rough side of town seems like a natural fit. A relationship and the opposites attract. The maximum allowed words was An Embedded Poll? What is my best Possession Story? What is my best body possession story? Readjusted A double date has a surprising ending.

Listing Display: Squares List Details. Interactive Stories are "choose your own ending" stories started by an Author and continued by any Writing. Com member that wishes to participate. At the end of each chapter, readers are given a few plot choices and must choose the direction of the story. When you come to the end of a storyline, it's your turn to add a chapter! Search results for Naruto Interactive Stories. Naruto Girls Interactive. Rated: E. Naruto Shrinking Story. The ninja from the anime Naruto, shrink.

I really appreciate all the chapters and support. Naruto giantess story. Become Your Character. A story for your characters to mingle with others. Rated: ASR. The transformation adventures of Naruto. Naruto on the way to the ninja academy he finds a weird looking scroll. Naruto ENF. The konoichi of Naruto are about to get some very special training. Naruto: Inflation Suit Adventure. After a mission Naruto finds an air tank that can turn anyone into an inflatable suit.

Naruto, Completely Different. Anime Breast Expansion. Let your favorite female characters get bigger breast. Awakenings: Journey to Iceland. Bjork, a Mexican Sorcerer, and maybe a trip to the Old West. Sound Interesting? The transformation adventures of Ichigo. Ichigo finds a glowing sword and trouble begins then.

Anime and Cartoon Stuffing. Your favorite animated characters eating tons of food and getting the guts to show for it! Naruto's body part swap jutsu. Naruto's head swap jutsu. Tsunade invents a new jutsu but things turn out different. Spouse's Birthday! What happens when your better half crosses another milestone? Thankful Sonali 15 WdC Ye Fairy Tail Bodyswap. A magic talisman winds up in the Fairy Tail bar, and switches the bodies of the members.

Travel between universes to tickle any girl you wish from any anime. Naruto foot fetish story. Have fun with feet of naruto girls! Explore your foot fetish! The Secret Jutsu. Naruto discovers a scroll that contains an unknown jutse transforma tion story. Pass the Write-Baton. Write what you wish, do your best, and pass the baton. Hinata the slave.

Hinata has been enslaved by someone you choose who and what they do. Giant World of Anime. You're shrunken and in the hands of some of your favorite anime boys. Naruto Feet Stories. Where the Naruto world and feet mix! Everyone's invited! Naruto's wedgie adventures. Join various Naruto characters as they tackle ninja battles with a wedgie-twist! Naruto Wedgie Girls. Naruto's Hypnosis Jutsu: Rebirth. Naruto Hypno Harem. Kunoichi Amazons. The girls of Naruto have been working out, and it is really starting to show!

Shrink and transport yourself into your favorite form of media! Shrunk by Brittany. Brittany is your Ex-Gf and she is tired of you. She always wanted you tiny Naruto New Self. Naruto, while helping Kurenai clean her appartment finds a secret from his famaly's past. Naruto: Mother Knows Best. Hinata is possessed by Naruto's Mother into making Naruto's life better.

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This is a fan fiction about three adopted sisters living in Kyoto, Japan. There are both in their third year of high school and still obsessed with the popular anime Naruto. Nobody goes near them, and their adoptive parents live in Tokyo, Japan, except from when they visit to keep up the pretense every few months. They weren't expecting to be placed in a completely different world. And they weren't expecting to see their favorite characters. One day in summer ayame is checking out her new outfit.

She sees theat her house is shaking.. What or who Could it be? Little does. Come and read and enjoy the adventures ahe has to deal with them on learining how to be cool". Aria is less than thrilled when she falls into the world of ninja. She's defenseless and has no idea where she is or how to get back to her own world. The only thing standing in her way is the Sasuke Uchiha.

After waking up with the rouge glaring down at her, she a Alison is just a normal girl Or as normal as you can grow up to be with a family that didn't really love you. As she discovers she is adopted, she starts to wonder where she could be from. As she wishes to be in the place she belongs in, she finds herself in none other than the Naruto world- some show about ninjas Ayu Sukai is a 16 year old. She's child abused everyday. The only thing that brings her happiness is the show Naruto!

When she finishes the lastest episode a disaster happens causing her to die. Or did she? Yes, perhaps she died and came to the Naruto Universe. What she knew was that she was a 16 year old that loves th Mari Rosuto is an abandoned Kitsune. She has lived on the streets for as long as she can remember, she has to steal food and supplies often to survive in the dark alley ways of New York. The only thing that makes her happy is Naruto, a Japanese Anime that she watched as a child, though she doesn't remember how she wat A 13 year old girl named Masami Fumiko was suddenly transported to a strange place she dont know.

She was brought to village called 'Konoha' and was offered to be a ninja in their village. She will attend the Academy and pass the exams to be a ninja. Will she succeed? Will she find new friends? I suck at writing descr Tori was a rich girl who didn't want it at all. After playing ukuelele and some how transporting into the Naruto World she has a new life that she loves! She is now Mika Tanaka and she is ready to kick some bad guy booty! After all, there is Orichimaru with his creepiness , Zabuza with his freaking man hands , Gaara Ok, this is how it all started for me.

I was watching TV one day, then all of a sudden it stupid hunk of cr- Ow! Fine, the stupid TV started stuffing up. After i tried to fix it I felt really tired so I decided to sleep. Then the next thing I know i've woken up in the house of a commited Sasuke coseplayer.

The Akatsuki needs a new member. In a world that has no ninjas, but very strong and probably has an ESP. But, the ritual goes wrong because of someone coughcoughhidancough. The Akatsuki will never know how much trouble their new member would be. So wrong until the new member would always dodges instead of fighting, s I'm in the Naruto World?!!! Im 13 years old. I have jet black hair and grey colored eyes. I also have a twin brother named Teo. I live with my last two family members, who are Hello sorry but my other account was having problems so I had to make another one and yeah well I am just going to remake it in this account so yeah!!!!

This story is about a girl who is abused very badly and is in love with Naruto Anime. But what happens when her 'parents' 'kill' her and she gets sucked into the Naru Zoe was just a normal year-old girl living in Houston with her mother. Her life was normal except of course being raised without knowing your dad.

When she was home alone while her mother was on vacation in Vegas for six months,she "dies"and is transported to the Naruverse. Zoe feels like a piece of her was made t A normal otaku, and her friends are stuck with a handful of problems when the Naruto characters show up in their world one day, how will they handle it? Instead of the spirit of a fox embedded in the main character, Eureka Seven features a teenage boy who gains the ability to control mechas.

When the series starts, Reston Thurston laments about his boring life. As usual, when someone speaks about boredom, the pilot known as Eureka crashes her mecha into Reston's room. Thus begins an adventure where the young boy joins a group of rebels who are trying to free their planet.

Like Naruto , Reston grows more sure of himself and his abilities through the series' run. What's makes a show like Naruto? How about one that features his son, Boruto? After a quick look at an adult Boruto, the series goes back to detail how he gained his skills and the friendships he gathered during his time at the academy. Where Naruto wants to put his village first, high school student Taiju wants to put humanity first through depetrification.

He'll need help from his friend, who also lost his stony facade after the entire population became statues. This is the plot of Dr. It seems simple, but there are plenty of obstacles Taiju and his friend encounter. They grow from them and, in turn, solidify their friendship and faith to restore the planet's population. As one of the top three pillars in the Shonen Jump lineup, One Piece was an inevitable recommendation for fans of Naruto. Instead of magical ninjas, the fantastical world of One Piece is inhabited by cut-throat pirates that are demonically enhanced by powers of the Devil Fruit.

Monkey D. Luffy, a "rubber-man" that can stretch his body at will, is on a quest to become the King of the Pirates. The only way he can achieve this goal is to assemble a pirate crew of his own to search for the elusive treasure known as One Piece.

In the eyes of many anime viewers, My Hero Academia is considered the Naruto of the s. In contrast to the rumbustious Naruto Uzumaki, Izuku "Deku" Midoriya of My Hero Academia is a timid young boy who always wanted to become a superhero in a world of superheroes. Unfortunately for Deku, he's among the minority of people who were born without superpowers.

This all changes, however, as a fateful encounter with his childhood icon, All Might, leads to Deku becoming his spiritual successor and enlisting in a school for superheroes. While the former series took place in fantastical, yet, periodic worlds, Bleach is set in modern-day Japan where year-old Ichigo Kurosaki must defend the real world from the spiritual world.

To save the lives of his young sisters from a demonic monster known as a Hollow, Ichigo inherits the incredible powers of a defeated Soul Reaper named Rukia Kuchiki. After taking over the role of Soul Reaper from Rukia, Ichigo and his fellow high school friends soon find themselves entangled in a dangerous political plot at the hierarchy of the Soul Society.

Hunter x Hunter shares many similarities with Naruto. Just as the ninja profession was idolized and commercialized in Naruto , the hunter class in Hunter x Hunter is seen as a dangerous, yet, respected gig. Gon Freecss shares Naruto's isolated background, as his motivation throughout the series is to become a hunter like his legendary hunter father who vanished from his life. However, while Naruto was rowdy and rude, Gon is more cheerful and optimistic during his quest to find his lost father. As mentioned in the opening, Dragon Ball Z and Naruto are cut from the same cloth.

Both series redefined the action genre of their era, but Dragon Ball Z laid most of the groundwork that Naruto and other anime series would build upon for years to come. The surreal sci-fi stories of Dragon Ball Z allowed for martial artist Goku and friends to engage in larger-than-life battles with intergalactic foes, such as squaring off against alien invaders who vowed to destroy Earth after wishing for immortality from the magical set of Dragon Balls.

For an anime series that's more dramatic and daring than Naruto , Fullmetal Alchemist is the way to go. Edward and Alphonse Elric are two brothers who - during their childhood - performed forbidden alchemy in a failed attempt to resurrect their dead mother and paid dearly for it.

Ed lost his left leg and right arm, while his brother Al had his soul infused into a suit of armor after losing his human body. Now, operating as State Alchemists, the Elric brothers are on a search for the fabled Philosopher's Stone, which holds the key to returning their damaged bodies to their original state.

Much like Naruto in his self-titled series, year-old Yusuke Urameshi in Yu Yu Hakusho was a loud-mouth delinquent until one fateful day changed his life forever. After unexpectedly sacrificing himself to save the life of a young boy, Yusuke was given another chance at life by the infant ruler of the Spirit World.

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