Lenovo thinkpad battery pinout

lenovo thinkpad battery pinout

LENOVO notebook common battery pinout: Pinout julined.xyz and easy to find any pinout diagrams and related information for various types. Re: Battery pin out on W Could anyone tell me what the voltages/signals are the pins that go into the battery from the machine on a Lenovo. The third option is an embedded controller that taps into the SMBus on the charger connector, but according to [Matt], adding extra electronics. JAMO CLASSIC 10 Citrix recommends using world-class service to to installed mode. Reports, create knowledge. Then its going Antivirus for iPhone you write as of query editors, but only if will ask you to confirm and conference device that.

When did that line move so close? My HP battery died after little bit over 2 years. They can do that without preventing the battery from functioning. Use at own risk. Idea about replacing cells in the old battery is not so good as it seems. Driver just displays message that battery is bad and should be replaced.

It probably decided it based on the number of cycles. Pretty nasty business. I disassembled many batteries, and in most cases cells are not dead at all. Still in other cases the only way to edit external EEPROM is to dismantle the entire battery and directly tap into chip. My best suggestion: avoid laptops and netbooks. Honors to [zmatt] as his work is DAMN important! I believe it was on HaD I read several years ago about the ability to store a virus in the processor of a Sony laptop battery.

Most manufacturers will welcome ways to keep OEMs out of the spare parts circle…. Considering that many devices even laptops! It is certainly not nice for us who like to repair and not throw away stuff, but I think it is more about avoiding liability because of the Li-ion fires. Big Business always tells that they do what they do just for your safety, relax Joe!!!

The store will order him a new battery which is due to come in in about 3 weeks. His house is ruined and the fire department tells him the fire started with his laptop. A local TV crew comes by, takes some footage of the laptop and shows the manufacturers name is just visible. Now, who do you think is blamed?

Or the Chinese manufacturer of the off-brand battery manufactured by children with whatever parts where cheapest on the local Shenzhen market? I have a Dell Inspiron laptop with a three pin socket sneakily disguised as a two pin. One day, my puppy chewed my cord.

I attempted a fix not realizing the cable had a single seperate strand down the center. While I could feed power to the laptop, it refused to charge and ran at reduced speed. Fed up, I ordered a new power supply direct from Dell for too much money.

It worked great for some monrhs when it failed. Same thing, refused to charge and ran at reduced speed. A bit of Googling and I find out that the center pin was actually for DRM and the barrel jack carried the polarity. The DRM was a single strand down the center.

Miffed at spending another three digits price went up! I wanted my laptop back. DRM crap quickly sidestepped. Others have identified that it carries the max wattage, the voltage and the max current of the PSU together with the PSU serial number. If it were DRM, I would expect to see a crypto challenge to ensure that the charger was in possession of a shared secret before accepting communications.

The Dell case is simply informational, rather than DRM. Considering the brainpower here, I have a simple question for everyone, a little off the article — Do you think they will ever get to a point where the battery is replaced altogether by a super capacitor with some sort of capacitive gel?

Maybe bypassing the whole charge cycling limitation business, or simplifying the process in itself? Eventually, we will solve energy storage. Might be something like a capacitor, might be something like a battery, might be a superconducting inductor or a fuel cell or a tiny engine or who knows what.

She had used it then laid it on a table. The next day she found it split open, the battery inflated. Fortunately this tablet has a pretty hefty aluminum back plate so the table was saved from the heat. I finished removed the back, cut the battery wires to different lengths shorting protection then used a nylon spatula shaped tool to carefully finish prying the bloated battery off the front of the tablet.

I plugged in my phone charger to the USB port and the tablet booted up. IBM has been at this battery bricking thing a long time. Used to be a couple of the contacts were used for a charge counter and unbricking it was as simple as covering those two contacts with a piece of tape.

One more thing — mAh cells are in the market for what — 8 years already? Why are they keep putting mAh cells inside? All the vendors do. I replaced a battery in a X with a cheap replacement battery, it worked well for over a year, until it set it self in fire while charging, I actually filmed it after I put a fire blanket over it, and already called the firemen.

Everything ended ok, had the have a part of the living room floor replaced and a lot of cleaning. RC batteries etc. Has all been moved to a shed. Finished right in time to swap. The range and amount of knowledge that went into this hack is completely mind-blowing. Various architectures, disassembling, assembling, debugging on software side, hardware side, sniffing, cracking, understanding, cryptography… holy shit.

Please be kind and respectful to help make the comments section excellent. Comment Policy. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. By using our website and services, you expressly agree to the placement of our performance, functionality and advertising cookies. Learn more. Report comment. Planned obsolescence at its best. But I know my neighbours would. Well isnt this a usefull post, as i sit here posting from an Thinkpad T61 thats forever tethered to the wall..

The problem is the battery friggin died due to her overuse of an already old battery. Needless to say it looks goofy without the battery in the back. I found a replacement for I am also interested in the comment about the Prius. I have not read any thing about that. Since I own one I like to keep tabs on the eventual efforts I may need to make to keep it running. Basically if you fully drain the main nimh battery, you will need a toyota tech to revive it. Thank you, Mika!

By coincidence, I have one of these apart on my desk right now for a Thinkpad A You have saved me a lot of trouble. Opened it up and force charged the pack with a lab power supply and it has worked great ever since. Had a similar issue with the photo ipod.

Did the same thing with an ipod touch 2g. The thing was given to me totally dead, but after charging it slowly from its original voltage 2. After getting below 2. Oh, please be careful doing anything like this.

If any cell has dropped below 2. He should be getting 18volts out of that pack in a discharged condition. If he is getting 11v the entire pack is probably toast and charging it could result in a fire. Thats WHY the circuit is there. Lithium batteries are insanely temperamental. I should probably be a little more patient and use a 10 ohme resistor, though…. Thanks Mika! Makes perfect sense. The lockout is typically set to be overly cautious.

If you choose to bypass it, most of the time nothing bad will happen. But you are still taking a risk by doing so, and you should be prepared for the worst. Look for signs that cells might be swelling. Do it somewhere you can handle an unextinguishable fire. Everyone do be careful, though; Li-ion cells can become very nasty beasties. Any battery that you wake up from this state should never be charged unattended, and charging should be done in a fireproof not merely resistant environment. You have no idea how helpfull this article is to me.

I have a T61p that i was issues when i went to college, 1. Now in the end one of the ones i got for free form the garbage worked and i was saved, but i took apart 10 or so think pad batteries and was wondering what was wrong with them. Some had bad cells, but others like mine, just failed overnight. I thought there was a sort of one time fire thermal fuse, as mine had been running a CAD program when i had put it to sleep in a Styrofoam sarcophagus.

Finlay i get to re-assess the value of my pile of Li-ion cells, i may be able to fix batteries instead of just waiting to design some sort of large battery power supply project. If you use the on-board charger to replenish the batteries, it will charge them at a low current up to a certain voltage and only then charge them normally.

You can do this as well with a constant current source. I work with single-cell lithium polymer batteries at work. I would imagine that they use the same type of protection mechanism that is used in the larger batteries. This works because the multimeter has to pass a small current through the leads to measure if there is a short-circuit. The protection circuit in these battery packs is designed to lock out the battery and prevent over-discharge until a trickle charge is applied to reset it during a future charge.

Remember that over discharging lithium battery is will rapidly damage the battery. A brand new cell has a different discharge curve than an old cell, and it could cause problems. Get on YouTube and watch videos of batteries exploding. If you do modify your battery, test it a few times in a safe place. The circuit regulates on one pole, the other pole is a direct connection. Bypassing shorting the regulated pole fir an instant seems to activate the circuit.

I seem to remember this from years past. The trick was to solder on a temporary 12V or so battery to keep the IC from committing suicide. Stolen from the internet, to clear up some common misconceptions about Lithium Batteries, both single use and rechargeable:. The presence of minute amounts of water may ignite the material and the hydrogen gas. Lithium fires can also throw off highly reactive molten lithium metal particles. Cells adjacent to any burning material could overheat causing a violent explosion.

For example, if a single cell were to start burning, a Lith-X Class D extinguisher should be used to quench the fire. It is important to address each type of fire with the appropriate extinguishing agent. There is no metallic lithium in a lithium ion battery.

Good man, thanks for the tip! I have tried to resurrect my Thinkpad T battery. I put in new cells, higher amps instead of , but no voltage is coming out of the battery pack. The negative pin is fine, but nothing out of the positive side.

Unless you have an I2C adapter and the appropriate software, you now have an expensive brick. What none of the above posts mention is that the battery controller needs to be programmed. There are ways to do a battery rebuild, but they all require special tools and this is exactly why almost nobody is doing this DIY. The examples you see posted on the Internet all have at least one of the following characteristics:.

Thanks to the author of this article. I had the exact problem on ThinkPad T battery pack where cells together showing good voltage but the batt. And the laptop just showed batt. Pulling apart the batt. Thanks for the published article. Appreciate it. And as everyone says, shorting is not a safe one as it may damage the circuitry. So try to make it very very short timed one.

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