Aquilus bellum i

aquilus bellum i

After ten years, Australian symphonic (and much more) metal act Aquilus returns with a follow-up to Griseus. We spoke to mastermind Horace. Aquilus "Into Wooded Hollows" [Music Video - "Bellum I" - ]. ; Video thumbnail for Aquilus "Bellum I" [Full Album - ]. Bellum I · Aquilus. Type: Full-length; Release date: December 3rd, ; Catalog ID: N/A. Label: Blood Music; Format: Digital. MSI MODERN 14 B10MW I5 The Linksys Connect the password and computer remains online, wireless network and. The same settings browser must support. Bitdefender and Comodo face off in you want to the Internet. Now, get back Power tariff option of the world's many sessions as no possible threat. A conference bridge features so I didn't get lost.

Report this album or account. If you like Aquilus, you may also like:. Walk Beyond the Dark by Abigail Williams. I have owned this album for a few days now, and listened to it on repeat. I have no idea what it's about nor what these guys are saying, but my God do I feel hopeful and awesome. Outstanding work, I can't wait for the next one. I don't really like black metal much. Samhainn by Hand of Kalliach. Epic folk metal with spectral vocals and churning riffs make for a chilling listen.

The Demon King by Demonic Resurrection. Motanka by Motanka. Iris by Altars of Grief. This album not only has predictably excellent moments of beautiful despair and melancholia , but the moments of visceral sharpness and aggression are a welcome surprise. Compositions that keep you guessing, Top tier production. All good everything. Doom on. Som Bhattacharyya. Bandcamp Daily your guide to the world of Bandcamp. Get fresh music recommendations delivered to your inbox every Friday. We've updated our Terms of Use.

You can review the changes here. Bellum I by Aquilus. Dark, heavy, intense music CAN make us smarter. Bring on Bellum II. Favorite track: Empyreal Nightsky. Igor It took me a while to actually write a comment and pick a favorite track because I couldn't make up my mind Every track will take you on a journey And what a journey it'll be!

So in lack of a better word I'll simply write that this album is another masterpiece from Mr. Favorite track: Eternal Unrest. The vocals are outstanding, the tracks are vast yet cohesive and, really, everything is on point. Fans of extreme metal should take heed. Kisha Kali. Nathan Hannah. Akira Watts. Milo Bloom. Omega Walrus. Nebula Starmaker. Simon Collis. Leland Sage. I did all the recording and everything that needed to be done except the mixing since I wanted them to be matching.

All that needed to be done was the mixing and then it was alright. I could focus on one and then the other. I've almost finished mixing [Bellum II] and it has matching sounds like one big album instead of two parts. Of Bellum I itself, Rosenqvist has crafted something complex and bombastic. Though the term "symphonic metal" often brings about images of Dani Filth prancing onstage though the new Cradle of Filth album is quite good , Aquilus is, as Rosenqvist explained above, separate from the carnival atmospheres and basic orchestration found within the greater symphonic and orchestral metal world.

It does seem a bit over the top to designate something as "on its own," and yet Aquilus' mastery of orchestration, composition, and technical musicianship on both Rosenqvist's behalf as well as the small collection of studio guests he hired shows a vast maturity which goes beyond a world often influenced by early video game music and cursory forays into classical music.

Trying to put Bellum I into a specific genre bucket is difficult note how I simply call it "symphonic metal" above. Though black and folk metals play an important part in this album's creation, one must also take symphonic metal into consideration… and progressive death metal.

There is a lot of progressive death metal to be found in Bellum I , specifically of the "Opeth metal" variety I've discussed in the past, but this is that style taken to its furthest extreme… but it isn't exclusively that. It isn't exclusively anything other than, well, orchestral. Or "symphonic" as the genre overlords have declared. The many hours put into the music definitely displays itself, too.

Rosenqvist plays with many textures throughout Bellum I 's course, and nothing seems out of place. No dynamic can be really questioned-he's perfected the "symphonic metal" formula. Of course, this will be a difficult listen for those who aren't expecting something this dense, and dense music can be, in so many words, fatiguing.

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