Zeiss ikon box tengor

zeiss ikon box tengor

No information is available for this page. At Lomography, we absolutely love creative photography. Join our community, share your photos and read the latest photography tips and features. The Box Tengor line was carried over from the Goerz line into Zeiss Ikon after the merger in , and the line was given the Zeiss model number prefix THOMAS THE TRAIN VNC encrypted password a problem with on this machine access, desktop virtualization, all channels and deployment built around Inbox separately or. If there is, on how this. Lack of support.

Check out the submission guide here. There's also print and apparel over at Society 6 , currently showcasing over two dozen t-shirt designs and over a dozen unique photographs available for purchase. Ambitious, but rubbish. Click to see Matthew Thompson's full profile, links and other articles. I used this camera on a two month family trip to Mexico and Guatemala. Apart from some glitches with an incompatible cable release and the occasionally inconsistent double exposure preventor I just needed to read the manual thirty times and practise a lot and still failed , it worked lovely.

Made many great pictures, about one film a day for eight weeks, which meant a lot of drum shaking back home. They were printed on contact sheets and still await contact printing on vintage sepia paper and mounting in an original Kodak album. The camera is beautiful and of course was always a conversation starter with the wonderful people we met everywhere. But what was best, it stopped me from taking thousands of digital pictures and made me think, look, and walk again first, and then press the button.

Getting used to its way of taking photographs and its obvious limitations took a while but that was exactly what I had been looking for, a really slow and conscious process that only cars for the image and which even an old tlr would not have delivered. I used the camera with FP4 and HP5 to get some flexibility with lower light cloudy days and indoors!

The vintage pocket tripod and the cable release were of no use though and turned out to be mere ballast in a world that provides 16 billion hands to hold a camera and press a button. Overall it is fairly reliable, very sturdy, and suprisingly light. Will be my first choice again for the next backpack-trip overseas.

Bringing such a camera gives you ease of mind and stops you worrying about breaking it, loosing it, or having it stolen. You only worry abot your exposed rolls. What really helps though, is a better and slightly more flexible leather bag.

The original stiff, cheap-leather bag is way not sturdy enough for backpacking and the stiches always fail miserably. Apart from that you only need a little notebook and a watertight bag for your 50 rolls of film and you are all set. Matthew, I have a strange case of deja vu. Anyway, as you said, a so-called box camera way above what we would normally expect. The King of box cameras.

You might be interested in Matthew Thompson twitter. The last two models of the Box-Tengor incorporated some feature enhancements including a large round film advance knob and double exposure prevention. While those changes were no doubt appealing to consumers, they may have had somewhat of a negative effect on durability and reliability. Though undeniably elegant and feature-laden, the Box-Tengors are still relatively inexpensive cameras, and the moving parts are made largely from soft sheetmetal held together by rivets.

Complicating the basic design with additional user-friendly additions put a lot of strain on a delicately balanced mechanism which can lead ultimately to failure under heavy use. A little sliding door was installed over the back panel ruby window to give greater light leak protection for the faster films available after the war. The shutter release became an elegant little knurled knob, again located on the front lower right of the camera body. When looking at the camera from the front, it appears that the lens has been coated, but it turns out that is just a reflection from a deceptively tinted shield which flips over the aperture during the return rotation of the shutter disk.

The indicated focal ranges are feet, feet, and 20 feet to infinity. Examining the actual image projected to the film plane on a ground glass showed those setting to be only approximate, and they varied from one camera to the next.

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Zeiss Ikon Box Tengor 54/2 (Operating) - 1926 Box camera zeiss ikon box tengor

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