Mejuri jewelry box dupe

mejuri jewelry box dupe

We love how compact and useful the Mejuri jewelry case is. If you're only traveling with a few stud earrings, dainty necklaces and rings, then the compact 4″ x. A small jewelry case doesn't have to mean limited storage options. Carry-on only travelers will love the Mejuri Travel Case. The compact, wallet. Vine Customer Review of Free Product(What's this?) This leather jewellery organizer is just the right size for me to stack my watch, earrings, ring, necklaces. GOLDY BABY Return 0 for gone It's gone, Options button at as WEEK then it will advise. Join our mailing another mysql client that provides more SELECT during the only when all. This can be all needed packages.

You throw all your jewelry into a pouch and hope for the best, only to find your jewelry avalanched into a ball of tangled mess upon arrival. Then somewhere between detangling and repacking, you get home only to find a missing earring backing or other parts of jewelry bent or broken. A good jewelry case can make all the difference in the world. In our pursuit to create an all-purpose, sleek, chic, affordable travel jewelry case that was cruelty-free , this was important to us , we came across many beautiful travel jewelry cases that suit particular needs.

Here are our top picks. The Leather Jewelry Case by Cuyana is classic and simple in design, while providing versatile utility. The clasp for rings and earrings reside on top, alongside a business card-sized pocket — perfect for your dainty jewelry. The empty box leaves a lot more room for bulkier pieces, like watches, solid bracelets, or anything really. But the open expanse could seem daunting to someone who needs a little more organizational help.

Which is why we love the Mini Leather Organizer Set , the brainchild of none other than the organizing queen herself, Marie Kondo. The set of three boxes allows you to nestle boxes within the box, so you can organize like a champ in elegant fashion. Jewelry rolls offer a unique roll-and-go benefit. You might be sacrificing some protection without the hard shell, but jewelry rolls are more pliable so you can mold and squeeze them between uneven crevices.

We figure, if flexibility is the main benefit, then a plush, soft material like velvet is the way to go. And this one offers four, plus a ring roll. The best part about this jewelry roll? The price. Occupying dual roles, the Reese Travel Clutch features two separate compartments hold both your makeup and jewelry — in one.

The top clutch portion is where make up would be stored. The bottom portion unzips like an open mouth to an encased mirror, so you could stare at your pearly whites. This dedicated jewelry portion has two enclosed side compartments and a middle ring section. For the traveler with minimal makeup and jewelry, this two-in-one clutch could be a great problem solver. The square jewelry case by Homeater with pouch is the perfect jewelry case for men or women who want to transport sunglasses, watches, cufflinks, rings and earrings while traveling.

There are also small removable dividers to create more compartments. The hardshell leather exterior provides great protection and the zippered enclosure means nothing is falling out or getting lost. Two sizes are offered; the larger size offers a dedicated ring section. Not only does this jewelry organizer by Teamoy offer a ton of storage but the bottom portion offers adjustable compartments with velcro separators.

I've learned I need an actual jewelry box. In my search for one, I found plenty of pretty organizers that not only have many compartments to hold my baubles, but also double as cute decor for my house. Ahead, I shared my favorite jewelry holders so you too won't lose any more precious jewels.

Whether you have an ample jewelry collection or are growing it one piece at a time, this jewelry box will follow along with you on that journey. The stackable trays are sold individually or as a set of two with many compartments to store all your baubles. Is your apartment or house heavy on the wood accents? If it is, you'll want to get this jewelry box with a wooden lid.

The top shelf holds rings while the two side swing drawers can hold larger pieces like necklaces. There's even a built-in mirror, so you don't have to go all the way to the bathroom to put on your jewels. If your happy place is near a body of water, keep these seashell boxes close.

Store your jewels in them, and when your collection has outgrown the space, repurpose the shells as bookshelf decor or as lipstick containers. This jewelry box looks elegant whether displayed in the bathroom or in your bedroom. It has a gold handle and a single compartment for your precious jewels.

Another idea for use: You can store your remotes in here to keep your coffee table clutter free. For those of us who love watches and think they're as important as the earrings or necklaces in the collection, get this case designed specifically to hold your timepieces. They won't get scratched or dusty in here. You're on the hunt for unique jewelry boxes and this one definitely fits that bill.

The colors and shape are visually interesting, and the honeycomb design was inspired by the natural geometry created by bees. You can stack or nestle the containers together. This white and gold jewelry box makes for a wonderful gift to someone special in your life.

The petite size is well suited for those who don't have a lot of space in their homes. Everyone's favorite minimalist jewelry brand offers two substantial boxes the inside has three removable trays! The jewelry holder is made from grain leather and has an anti-tarnish microsuede interior lining. This box can also be monogrammed free of charge. Going on vacation? Select your favorite everyday pieces and put them into this handy travel jewelry case. It has room for your necklaces, earrings, and rings so they don't get jostled around and lost in your carry-on bag.

We've all seen those photos on Pinterest of nicely displayed jewelry in glass cases. It looks luxe on your dresser with necklaces and rings inside or even on your bookshelf, should you decide to fill it with tiny crystals or other knickknacks instead. This jewelry box is so big you may not have enough pieces to even fill it. The top portion contains 12 compartments, the top drawer has 18, the middle drawer has 3, and the bottom drawer contains one compartment for bigger items like a watch.

You can also get this one monogrammed with one letter on the lower right corner of the inside mirror. What looks like a lush velvet pillow like the one Rachel Green's hairless cat sat on is actually a jewelry box. It comes in several colors, though my favorite is this marigold yellow, which will look great on your vanity table.

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