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An evolution of the Volvo P2 platform used in the Volvo S80 , the platform marked the shift to front-wheel drive in full-size Ford sedans; an electro-hydraulic Haldex all-wheel drive system based on that used on the Volvo S80 and XC90 was optional in all versions of the Ford Five Hundred or Mercury Montego. Along with Haldex AWD, several Volvo design features were incorporated into the structure of the Five Hundred, including a modified version of Side Impact Protection System SIPS from Volvo, channeling impact forces around the passenger compartment; the front frame rails were redesigned to better absorb impact forces.

For the first time in a full-size Ford sedan, the Ford Five Hundred featured independent suspension for both front and rear axles, with MacPherson strut front suspension and a multi-link rear axle with coilover shocks; both axles were fitted with stabilizer bars. A distinguishing feature of the Ford Five Hundred is its tall exterior height; at A key feature driving the use of the tall body design was the upward movement of the H-point hip point.

As with the first-generation Ford Focus , the seats of the Five Hundred were positioned relatively high from the floor, providing an upright seating position and improved visibility, access, and egress. In addition, the rear seat was positioned higher than the front seats. The Ford Five Hundred was the first full-size Ford sedan to feature a folding rear seat to supplement the 21 cubic foot trunk larger than the Lincoln Town Car.

With the option of a folding front passenger seat, a Five Hundred was able to carry objects up to ten feet long inside the vehicle. While visibility was one factor behind the higher seating position, safety was another as well. Derived from the Volvo Side Impact Protection System SIPS , a hydroformed cross-car steel beam underneath the front seats was welded between the B-pillars directly below an identical beam above the B-pillars.

George Bucher, Ford's chief designer said "it was a challenge to sculpt a Ford-styled body around a Volvo chassis, and added that designers used what he calls plainer surfaces with taut lines to give the car a modern look without losing its passenger-car proportions. An all wheel drive system was available across the range. For , a new navigation radio made by Pioneer featuring Sirius Satellite Radio became an option; traction control was now changed to an option on front-wheel drive models from standard.

A mid-year running change removed the exterior doorside trim molding on all trim levels in favor of a small sill molding at the bottom edge of the door. The Five Hundred remained unchanged, with the SE model discontinued.

All versions built after September 4, have side airbags as standard, along with curtain airbags marketed as the Safety Canopy. A new Chrome Package became available, with inch eight-spoke alloy wheels and a chrome trim mesh grille.

For the model year, the Ford Taurus underwent a complete redesign. Although retaining the D3 chassis, the exterior and interior was completely changed, to add more aggressive styling. As the Mercury brand was being phased out in , marked the final year of the Sable nameplate. Alongside the Ford Five Hundred, several versions of the D3 platform were marketed by Ford Motor Company, with all variants produced in the same Chicago assembly facility.

For the first time since , Mercury sold a completely new full-size car and two full-size Mercury sedans for the first time since While largely distinguished from the Five Hundred by its standard HID headlights and LED taillights the largest set of LED taillights ever introduced on a Ford vehicle at the time , [9] the Montego also differs from the Five Hundred in its monochomatic exterior, satin aluminum trim, and two-tone interior with black-toned wood trim.

As with the Five Hundred, the Montego was produced in front and all-wheel drive configurations, sharing the same powertrains. In contrast, Mercury sold the Montego in two trim levels Luxury and Premier. Slotted in between the Ford Escape and Ford Explorer in its exterior footprint, the Ford Freestyle was fitted solely with a 3. In its exterior design, the Freestyle borrowed elements from several vehicles, including the Explorer and Escape.

While the Freestyle would serve as the basis for the Mercury Meta One concept vehicle, no Mercury version was ever produced beyond the prototype stage. During its production, the Ford Five Hundred would attract a high degree of attention by automotive industry critics over its controversial styling.

Intended as "guilt-free luxury", [19] several reviewers have noted its close resemblance to Volkswagen and Audi sedans, along with the lack of brand differentiation between the Ford Five Hundred and Mercury Montego. While the Five Hundred would attract attention for its high interior volume, design functionality, value, and large number of safety features, along with its styling, many reviewers criticized the performance of the 3.

Ford designer J Mays said "I don't think the Five Hundred or Freestyle was one of my brighter moments in Ford, but designing a car is not a solo effort and a lot of people have input on the kind of product they want. I've been at the company 13 years and I've been through five CEOs. Some of those CEOs have had more conservative tastes than others. We were being good team players, and we did our best to wrap what was a best-in-class package with sheetmetal, and we ended up with a car, I think, that compromised itself in terms of style.

But we will never make that mistake again. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Motor vehicle. Ford Taurus to be revived. Car News and Reviews. The Car design yearbook 3. ISBN X. Retrieved Larry Edsall, Web2cars. Archived from the original on Ward's Automotive Yearbook Ward's Communications, Inc. The Auto Channel, February 7, Car Reviews and News. Larry Edsall, Twincities. The Car Connection.

January 4, To the Cave of Five Hundred Eyes? Where is the Cave of Five Hundred Eyes? The Cave of Five Hundred Eyes. If only we could find out He was in the Cave of Five Hundred Eyes. Why is it called five hundred eyes? Do you know where this Cave of Five Hundred Eyes is? Is five hundred thousand enough? Five hundred thousand isn't enough? So what 'bout my five hundred dollars, huh?

What about my five hundred dollars? I think we'll be lucky to get one in five hundred of those to even come in. He had, like, five hundred magazines About five hundred dollars a month, I think. Four or five hundred. Five hundred pounds? Pull back.

Five hundred meters to my 10 o'clock. Where he's gone to, it doesn't matter a damn whether people here think you've stolen five hundred pounds or not. Five hundred! Five hundred. Say five hundred. Well they said to try and git word to you as their Pa would pay you five hundred if you'd throw in wi' them agin' Wyatt Earp. Five hundred quid. Sum: Five hundred slaves.

Imagine what you could do with five hundred dollars! With five hundred witnesses. These floating islands, rising to three hundred stories, will make living space for five hundred million people. Do we have five hundred?

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