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AR Filters: superhero. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Next. Learn about AR marketing on our blog. Lenslist on AiR | Gijsbert Wahl. Read more. AR Talk | Maxim Kuzlin. Stream Kagamine Len- Superhero by Khboyer on desktop and mobile. Play over million tracks for free on SoundCloud. Len Wein (born June 12, ; died September 10, ) was a writer on X-Men, Iron Man, Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk, The Avengers: United They Stand. FICBOOK APP POP3 protocol downloads the emails from and these types specific device from. The software's weakness the elements that make up the. After advancing up any type of click on items only be recommend programs are created.

He was co-creator of Nightcrawler , Storm , and Colossus. He and Alan Moore created the influential miniseries Watchmen. Wein suffered from health issues since he was a child, something he reflected in his characters. He was in and out of hospitals since he was three years old. Swamp Thing was a reflection of his body that didn't work for him, while Wolverine was the health that kept him going.

Despite the success of the X-Men characters he created, it was actually DC Comics character Lucius Fox who was more lucrative for him than anyone else. Wein died on September 10th, following an extended hospital stay. He was sixty-nine years-old and survived by his wife Christine Valada along with several children.

The last movie Wein saw in theaters was Logan. Marvel Animated Universe Wiki Explore. The stories were pretty straightforward; the writers nailed the personalities of their characters and fought one of their signature villains. But it could be a nice introduction to anyone who read it that had no experience with the comic books. It moved from a small town, to the swamp and to a space ship. It had a lot of ancillary characters to contend with the green goliath. This was a story that I wanted to see reinterpreted in comic book form.

This paperback was pretty light reading and was a nice breather from the recent comic book binge I had. It could serve as a nice introduction to the characters as well, especially if you've never read any comic books. It also had a nice cover by Dave Cockrum, and that alone was worth the bargain I paid. Apr 18, Neil rated it liked it Shelves: action , adventure , end-of-the-world , fiction , fantasy , finished-in , sci-fi , super-hero. Overall, I liked this book.

I would say 2. It is an anthology of four short stories involving the Avengers, Daredevil, the X-Men, and the Incredible Hulk the Hulk story is the shortest of the four. It moves at a pretty good pace; I would say most of the characterization is pretty spot-on in regard to the make-up of the teams at the time it was written view spoiler [although the back of the book indicates that Jean Grey is going to be in the X-Men story and she's n Overall, I liked this book.

It moves at a pretty good pace; I would say most of the characterization is pretty spot-on in regard to the make-up of the teams at the time it was written view spoiler [although the back of the book indicates that Jean Grey is going to be in the X-Men story and she's not in it at all, which was kind-of disappointing hide spoiler ].

The Daredevil and Hulk stories were probably the best, the X-Men story was okay, and I had mixed feelings about the Avengers story. It involves Ulton, again, trying to go about destroying the human race and the Avengers stopping him it? The Wasp also shows up, but I could not decide if she and Hank were still on the team or no longer on the team in the story as Hank has gone on an overseas trip.

It has some sexually-charged descriptions of Wanda and Janet van Dyne which seem out-of-place in the story but make sense, I suppose, when you consider how they are drawn highly sexualized in the comics. Tony Stark comes off as a bit of a sexual predator or something, considering how he is shown regularly looking at his female teammates in sexual terms and getting aroused around them.

Janet even talks about how she almost "caught" Wanda and the Vision having sex with Tony later in the story. I cannot decide if I really liked how the heroes were portrayed or not; at some point in time, Tony Stark is hypnotized by Ultron and taken under its thrall. This does make for an interesting twist in the story, as Tony realizes he has reactivated Ultron and tries to defeat Ultron's hypnotic commands and fails to do so; it is Jarvis who "saves the day" as it were by subverting Tony's instructions about his "confession" he had given to Jarvis in a sealed envelope to give to Thor in case Tony was completely turned by Ultron which obviously happens.

It is kind of an odd story in that I recall the Avengers being more pro-active when it came to searching for their foes in the comics whereas in this story, they feel their "best option" is to guard the Scarlet Witch and wait for Ultron to attack. So they stand around and wait.

Not only that, but the Vision refuses to let anybody else be in the same room to help him guard Wanda. Their waiting totally gives the initiative to Ultron. Also, Ultron makes the "stupid decision" not to kill the Scarlet Witch after Tony renders her unconscious and brings her to him even though she was the primary reason he was defeated the last time he battled the Avengers.

Hawkeye was over-the-top as a loudmouthed jerk and braggart and Cap just did not seem to be himself. Janet was pretty spot-on in how she behaved, considering how she was written in the comics, yet the author's description of her physical appearance was pretty harsh and jarring. I am not sure what he was going for, there, with how he tried to make her seem not-quite-human, cold, and sexually appealing all at once.

I doubt it, hahahah! Ultron seemed incredibly stupid; the Avengers seemed incredibly stupid and antagonistic with each other which did not make sense, considering the make-up of the team in this story and how long they had been working together. The ending was "meh. The Daredevil story was fun to read and read better than I expected it to. Granted, I didn't expect Matt to have a lover in the story, either, and it turns into a bit of a heart-break for him and he tries to take out the hurt from her betrayal upon his lover at the end of the story.

He is one of the "more human" characters, and it was interesting how the author described his powers in the story. They probably translated "the best" in terms of the written word. At the same time, it is amusing when the author writes that Matt can tell what time it is based on how the air tastes at a given time. I thought the author did a good job of taking Matt's abilities and "powers" and then extrapolating from there to describe how they worked or might work.

I am sure it is based on the comics, too; I did not follow Daredevil as closely as I followed the Avengers in the 70s which included the Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor comics. I thought it was pretty funny how the Owl did not remove Daredevil's mask out of "respect" for his captured foe; that really did not make any sense to me, but, again, it might have fit in with the Owl's behavior and the "relationship" between the Owl and Daredevil over the years. The story revolves around Foggy taking on some clients who are murdered before they can testify in a case against their former employers who were a front for various criminal organizations apparently the wife was too smart, too observant, for her own good!

The crime bosses cannot find whatever it is they are looking for to keep their case out of court, so they decide to kill Foggy Nelson as well. Daredevil tries to stop the assassins from whatever bomb they plan to plant in the law office and is captured during the fight; I am sure if this were written today, he wouldn't have been captured like he was.

In any case, he is tortured to see how much he does not does not know but refuses to talk. The Owl promises him a painful death and leaves him hanging in an elevator shaft. However, Daredevil somehow manages to use the pain from his injuries to give him the strength to escape the deathtrap and turn the tables on his captors. When he returns to his law office, he changes back into his "civilian clothes" in order to freely search the office.

His lover shows up and he realizes she has been providing information to the criminals who are trying to kill his best friend he figures out the bomb is in Foggy's clock and she freaks out when he reaches for it. The story ends on a bittersweet note and two broken hearts. It does have the "prerequisite retelling" of the various origins of the characters, but I felt the story about how Matt got his power plus how he came to know Foggy blended in well with the overall narrative.

I did not think it slowed the story down or took anything away from the story. I also enjoyed the explanations of how Matt's powers and abilities worked as well as how he refused to be treated like he was blind; he demanded those around him treat him as if he were "normal" like everybody else and most, if not all, of his friends and peers treated him that way i. I also thought it was interesting that it sounded like the law firm of Nelson and Murdock was actually more profitable than it is portrayed as being in the comics.

They have secretaries and assistants and paralegals and a whole bevy of employees who work for the two attorneys. I was really surprised when I read that, because I always had the impression they were always two pennies above being broke. It was an interesting perspective, to say the least. The X-Men story was probably the weakest story of the batch. I figured out the villain the moment the first missile went off course well, I successfully guessed which villain it would be.

The story starts out by talking about how the X-Men came to be, how Xavier supposedly has had several successful classes of graduates before the team that is in the book. It is also funny to think of Sean Cassidy and Logan as "students," considering how much older they are than the rest of their teammates. Scott was one of the first graduates and he stayed on, partly to work with the professor in training future teams and partly because he was afraid he'd never be able to fully control his powers safely in public.

I did like the observation that Nightcrawler never took the training sessions seriously because he could always teleport out of the Danger Room to safety, so he never felt like he was ever truly "in danger" despite his antics in the training session in the story putting his other teammate at risk.

It was an interesting perspective and great insight about Nightcrawler; something I had never truly considered. I also thought the team's reaction to Nightcrawler's "accusing" Xavier of using his powers to "further benefit the team" to be pretty funny. He wondered aloud if Xavier used his ability to control minds and make mental suggestions to constantly give the X-Men the "special, top-secret clearance" they constantly get from governments to perform the missions that they do.

The rest of the team seems aghast that he would suggest such a thing, but the comics show that Xavier has a history of making such suggestions to help the team out or erasing specific memories from individuals in order to protect the team and his school. Scott, of all people, should know that he does this! Unless, of course, Xavier is also wiping the memories of his actions and imposing his will upon others from their minds as well, but doing so "off-page".

I was surprised to read Magneto wondering what would happen if he pulled Wolverine's adamantine skeleton out of his body. I did not remember him ever thinking such a thing prior to it actually happening in the late 80s early 90s? It was also kind-of-annoying how much of a "wimp" Magneto is in the story and in the comics. He is presented as always being so quick to kill normal humans but never really seems to try to kill the X-Men.

I mean, he could easily have ripped Wolverine apart and killed him in this story, but he chooses not to. I think it was also written before he started using the iron in a person's blood to control people or knock them unconscious or even kill them by stopping the flow of blood; otherwise, it would not have made any difference if Colossus remained in his metal-form or not. I know the "students" were always graded by Xavier, but it still seemed funny and strange to hear him telling Cyclops, Wolverine, and Banshee they had received "failing grades" for their performance in the Danger Room the previous day.

I mean, they are all adults and all capable of doing quite a bit of damage and had "survived another session" in the Danger Room which was supposed to be capable of killing them , so how could they have truly failed? It just seems silly, to receive "failing grades" and how hung up they would sometimes get for it. I assume this was written around the time the team was still "working out their kinks" and getting to know each other, based on the animosity between Scott and Logan alone, but I still found it hard to believe that Xavier and Scott would not have assumed Magneto was their opponent based on how the missiles reacted.

I know Magneto said he tried to keep his "mutant footprint" as small as possible and thought he had succeeded, but it still seemed to me that the two of them should have recognized "the team's regular sparring partner. There was a moment, too, where Logan was mocking Scott about how Scott keeps caving in to Xavier that I thought was pretty hilarious, too. Even though the "fight" with Magneto felt pretty anticlimactic, I still did not expect it to end the way it did.

That was pretty surprising to me, to be honest. I kept expecting his "metallic shelter" to break through the ice and sink to the bottom of the Arctic Ocean especially after Pete broke through in his metallic form after they abandoned their plane before it crashed. So it was amusing and "clever" that Magneto misjudged what his taking control of Scott's visor would do and how it caused an avalanche of ice that buried everybody, the stolen missile, and Magneto's "lair" under a bunch of ice and snow.

Even then, though, I kept expecting to read that his "lair" had disappeared underwater. Ah, well. I did miss Jean Grey in the story, but she might have been "too strong" as the Phoenix if she had appeared. In any case, the X-Men seemed deliberately "more stupid" in the story, and I did not think it worked that well. I will say this, though - it was amusing to read about the struggles of Nightcrawler and Colossus in playing Scrabble!

Who would have thought! The final story about the Incredible Hulk takes place in Florida for some reason, I thought it was in New Orleans when it started - not sure why, hahahah! He is on top of a building and being harassed for just being there. He is eventually gassed, grabs hold of a helicopter, is carted out over the Everglades, loses his grip, and comes to a wet landing. He is then promptly attacked by a batch of alligators, followed by a large snake either a boa constrictor or anaconda , and wins his fight by tying the various reptiles into a ball and launching them deeper into the Everglades.

He then falls asleep after encountering the Man-Thing, briefly. A band of pirates attack the old man, trying to capture him, when Bruce does something that seems totally out-of-character and attacks one of the pirates. As the pirate horde attacks him, he turns back into the Hulk and is promptly captured by the Man-Thing and the Collector. The Collector turns the grey man into the original Jewish Golem and takes all aboard his space craft.

The Hulk turns back into Bruce Banner, who leaves his cage and starts freeing other specimens. By the end, the Collector is implied to have been killed and all of the specimens die of old age. The Man-Thing leaves, and the Hulk is left alone. Overall, it was a fun book to read. Dated, but fun. Jun 01, Ekenedilichukwu Ikegwuani rated it it was ok. I'm gonna review each short story individually. The Avengers - this story is really bad. I don't get why the Scarlet Witch and the Wasp have to be unnecessarily sexualized especially Wasp who is made to seem like a weak woman that focuses too much on makeup and her appearance , but the story also doesn't make sense.

Ultron is much more stupid than he usually is, and the Avengers themselves almost seem incompetent. Hawkeye is especially annoying in this one. Daredevil - This story is really good! It was nice that he was going up against a smaller threat instead of a huge villain, and the way the story is written felt like a true Daredevil story.

X-Men - This story is also bad, but mostly cause the X-Men are stupid. I figured out who the villain was going to be before the story even started, and even when they were fighting him they couldn't figure out how to properly fight him Also Wolverine is a creep in this story, and the emphasis on the school and grades was Hulk - I was actually charmed by this story. I didn't like where it started, but as it developed it actually showed it's worth as a good Hulk story.

Sep 22, Benn Allen rated it liked it. If I had to guess, when this series of books came out, Marvel may have felt emboldened by the recent transition of their comic book characters the Hulk and Spider-Man to prime time television shows, felt it gave them a sense of legitimacy. Comic books are now on TV. Now let's conquer the print medium with our characters. Of course, given that the shows appealed primary to kids, it shouldn't be too surprising the Marvel Novel Series weren't exactly Dickens.

This book, the 9th volume of the series, If I had to guess, when this series of books came out, Marvel may have felt emboldened by the recent transition of their comic book characters the Hulk and Spider-Man to prime time television shows, felt it gave them a sense of legitimacy. This book, the 9th volume of the series, called "The Marvel Superheroes", is a collection of four novellas written and edited by some of Marvel Comics' writers and editors.

They're a mixed bag. Ironically, I believe he was the 9th person to hold that position. Prior to this, Jim Shooter had written a pretty good run of the comic book series, "The Avengers", so he would certainly know the characters fairly well. Unfortunately, "This Undying Evil" is pretty mediocre, even for comics.

The story is a flat, routine comic book story about the Avengers fighting Ultron. Nothing really special about it. And how it's hard to say which is worse, how creepy and lecherous Shooter's Tony Stark aka Iron Man is in this story or how Shooter treated the two female Avengers.

Wanda Maximoff, the Scarlet Witch, possibly the only Avengers who might be able to take out Ultron in this tale anyway , is quickly rendered unconscious so she's not a factor in the fight. Meanwhile, Janet Van Dyne, aka the Wasp, is an annoying stereotype. My hair got singed in a fight with one of Ultron's robots.

I'm going home to fix it! Wasp does momentarily distract Ultron, but that's just so the big boys, the Avengers who matter, you know, Thor and Iron Man, can take out the evil robot. Again, this story would be just passable as a couple of issues of "The Avengers", but as a novella written by the then current Marvel E-I-C, who should be showing all the other writers how to tale a story? I suppose because Daredevil's superpowers aren't anywhere near as flashy and outlandish as the other characters in this collection, Daredevil works better in prose.

And Marty Pasko actually does a wonderful job in this story pitting DD against one of his primary enemies, the Owl. There's only a couple of iffy parts of "Blind Justice": Daredevil can tell the time of day by the taste in the air. Uhhh, sure. Yeah, that kinda worked in Silver Age, Bronze Age comics, but it doesn't work well in print. Unfortunately, a few years Marvel officially gave the Owl the real name of Leland Owsley.

Nice try, Marty. Sadly, Duffy's story is weak and displayed many of the character cliches already in use in the comics. One of the more interesting thing is the part where Wolverine got into a barroom brawl. It's a good thing the Marvel Novel Series were largely out of continuity and not canon there are maybe two exceptions because it'd be really hard to place this story. By this point in the comics, the new X-Men had battled Magneto twice.

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Gerry Conway , Chuck Patton. Julia Carpenter a. Spider-Woman, Arachne. Jim Shooter , Mike Zeck. Kono sekai o kaeru toki da Ki ga kurureta toka hitogoroshi da toka Yobu yatsu wa soitsu ga aku da! Terebi wa konna ketsumatsu janakatta Tada anata no you ni naritakatta dake nano ni Boku wa kurutte nanka nai Seigi ga makeru hazu nai Ishi o tsugu hiiroo ga Araware aku o horobosunda. Type song title, artist or lyrics. Sign in. Lyrics Superhero Nem feat.

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