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Used Rega Planet for sale on + second hand hifi sites & shops. Use Hifi Shark to monitor pricing and global availability. The improvements in transparency and depth, gave the Planet a rather substantial edge with this recording, as its sound was more coherent and controlled. Rega has engineered this CD player to give a sound and an operational feel close to analog. Playing discs on the $ Rega Planet is a lot like. CLB 140 V 5 Note the flow page navigation and used as a. You can then the time the. Working with remote frameworks in only two or three a year and a half, two business rules, service level agreements, lifecycles.

Will they give you the usual warnings about how to handle it and set it up correctly? Will they just say, "Here it is; let me know what you think"? I do tend to play around a bit with review equipment to see what it can really do, but Vince had a few suggestions I just had to try:. Reverse the polarity on the plug. Try the Nitty Gritty CD cleaner which he also loaned me. The Planet is certainly a striking machine with the same chassis design as the other Rega electronics, an industrial-looking black metal case with heat-sink-inspired ridges and austere LEDs.

In the beginning, I was not particularly fond of the look, but it grew on me over time. It is quite slim with a top-loading mechanism and feet that appeared to be quite well damped. Overall, it is a well-thought-out design. The buttons on the player were also nice. Over time those type of buttons can wear through and really start to look bad. In contrast, the buttons on the Planet are just quite small with a short throw and no plastic cover.

I rarely had to punch in my request in twice. The functionality of the remote is pretty standard, with any memory functions being handled by the remote only. However, I found the slanted arrangement of the buttons confusing and never was able to operate the remote without paying close attention to what I was doing.

By now a fair bit has been written about the Planet, with reviews ranging from "digital product of the year" to "it looks good, but better luck next time. However, I did end up reading a few reviews before I knew that the Planet was coming, so it was interesting to find out some of the opinions ahead of time.

Best known for turntables, the folks at Rega state that they had a strong desire to make their player as analoglike as possible, so you know that they were paying close attention to the high frequencies in particular. That is not to say that the two sounded exactly alike, but the presentation was quite similar in that the designers seemed to be trying to steer clear of some of the biggest complaints about digital audio, particularly at the budget-end of the market. Both the DDE v1. From that point of view, the designers at Rega seemed to have accomplished their goal of a more analoglike budget CD player.

The mids are particularly well presented with the Planet. Saxophone was realistically produced with a rounded presentation that avoided the ever-lurking nasal sound that can show up when you least expect it. John Coltrane did not plug his nose when playing the sax! I also found male vocals to be well defined and balanced.

On the bottom end, there was reasonable extension, but this is where the sound of the Planet fell short of the Audio Alchemy DAC. I found the midbass a little lean. Plucked strings on the double bass in jazz recordings were fast and articulate, but I just found that they could have been more rounded. Perhaps the best way to describe it was that there should have been more decay to each of the notes.

The top end was smooth and avoided any tizziness. If the highs are overdone, breathy recordings like this tend to turn me off because the abundant high-end energy starts to sound like someone is spitting into the microphone. However, I feel that this may have been accomplished at the expense of getting the most detail, and this is where I think you are going to get some controversy regarding the Planet. My take on it was that it avoided what analog lovers hate most about digital, but it needs more detail to earn the giant-killer reputation it has achieved.

Imaging and soundstaging were also quite good. Some tracks are very layered and have strong images that will show up on just about any decent piece of equipment, but I have found this particular track to be more sensitive to equipment changes, and the Planet handled it with much dexterity. When I used the Planet as a transport, I felt there were some obvious pluses. As I said, I liked the top-loading mechanism. It lifts up manually and the CD fits directly on the drive unit, which also acts as a clamping mechanism.

There is very little risk of the door closing without the CD in place. In contrast to vinyl, however, the CD itself does not contribute its own material resonances that would make it sound organic and therefore familiar to the human ear. It can be said that all electronics and mechanics around the music information on a CD are larger, louder, and prepared to spoil the listening fun. And since the resulting effects are unfamiliar to the human ear, they can be deemed unpleasant. Still, the CDs biggest sonic advantages over modern streaming services are that it is both tangible and local.

Its data stream does not depend on the integrity of various relay servers along the way to reaching our ears. The first Rega Plant CD player came out in , a time when the CD was at the height of its popularity, and four long years before the first mp3 players came to the market. Rega was already a familiar brand in the audiophile community.

The famously affordable Planar 3 turntable had won Rega international recognition among vinyl enthusiasts and become a bedrock for analog playback. In addition to selling under their own brand name, Rega had also been asked to supply turntables, tonearms, and related parts to other brands, such as NAD and Rotel. For a vinyl specialist to enter the CD player market, the company needed to come up with a convincing argument for its followers.

This created some curiosity, and the original Planet sold well, despite its quirky industrial look. It favoured musical flow over detail and achieved a soft top-end despite sounding a bit bland and crude, as some reviewers of the player have observed. Especially the lack of detail on the Rega's customised Burr Brown bit DAC has sometimes been criticised as being outdated in more recent reviews.

The Planet brought about a major facelift to the original Planet. Instead of plastic, it is housed in a custom-built extruded aluminium case with a central top-loading lid. Instead of a conventional iron core transformer, the version has a toroidal transformer with separate windings for the display and audio stages. Display and controls were also given a makeover, giving the Planet a better performance, look, and feel in comparison with its predecessor.

However, while many things have been improved, the player does have some surprising quirks that make it difficult to compare the Rega design with more conventional front-loading players. For one thing, the top-loading mechanism means that the Rega requires at least 20cm of rack space height for the lid to fully open. Due to some necessary adjustments made for the Rega, my rack only offers 17cm which makes changing CDs less than convenient. Where it has not been painted, the plastic has become tobacco-coloured from UV radiation on one side.

Both the front and rear panel are made of plastic. While the front panel has been painted in cabinet colour, the rear has been left unpainted and also shows discolouration. Although we hardly come in contact with the front or the back of the player during operation, the use of plastic on the front has proven to be somewhat disappointing. Similar to a turntable, there is a central prong surrounded by a cone-shaped centre that is sitting on a spring.

The CD is placed on the cone and continues to wobble. Pushing the lid down then lowers a magnet onto the centre of the CD and pushes down the cone with the CD exactly centred, or at least this is the theory. In reality, CDs are sometimes slightly off axis, resulting in a wobble of the disk and the magnet on top. And since the top of the magnet is visible though the lid from the outside, one cannot help but wonder how long this will continue to go on well. When the disk does skip, the jump is quite brutal and can misplace the laser by as much as half a song.

To be fair, most CDs play with only a tiny amount of wobble, and of those that exhibit wobble, side effects will be minimal. But the player is far less forgiving than any CD player I have ever had. Playing a CD becomes as delicate a ritual as playing a vinyl record. Due to the excessive weight of the magnet, the Planet is quite demanding in terms of proper placement in the rack.

The drive is in the centre of the extruded aluminium case that channels vibrations along its curved sides down to the four rubber feet. In contrast to our other CD players, the Rega requires just the right amount of support to keep it still. My first attempt was to place it in our rack without the support a base, but this made the player sound harsh and agitated. I then brought in a base placed on Oehlbach spiked absorbers.

The player sounded soft but exhibited serious timing issues that made me look for the quirks rather than listen to the music. I swapped the absorbers for Harder Oehlbach pucks which helped to improve timing but somehow resulted in a lack of bass. I finally placed the base directly on the rack and was surprised that this by far sounded the best.

I love the fact that the Planet allows us to connect a dedicated power cord.

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