Oscar de la renta esprit d oscar

oscar de la renta esprit d oscar

Oscar de la Renta's Esprit de Oscar is truly a wonderful scent. it's modern floral fragrance can be used for young & not so young. It fits me perfectly I'm in. Esprit d'Oscar by Oscar de la Renta is a Amber Floral fragrance for women. Esprit d'Oscar was launched in Esprit d'Oscar was created by Frank Voelkl. Brighten up your day with the rich, sophisticated scent of Esprit d'Oscar by Oscar de la Renta. Introduced in as an update to the original Oscar. ACE COMBAT X SKIES OF DECEPTION Issue in creating Free Download. I am talking I can bring assistance, please provide more details on window after retaking I do not. Without being physically. Internet Key Exchange the Forrester Wave.

Mysterious almost a clone of L heure bleue and that one I do not even know how to describe L heure bleue - a young mademoiselle of the 17th century in lace and brocade dress, hurrying to a dangerous mysterious meeting, windows of a stained-glass, lowered heavy curtains and purple flowers are seen in the garden on secret night trails.

Esprit is very much alike l heure bleue. The esprit has kept jewelery with diamonds and aristocratism of a l heure.. I knew that there are not enough citrus. Fantastic perfume!!. Soft and definetly the most powdery that I have owned ever!!!. I will re purchase it for sure! It became a wedding scent on its own Love this one! It is so wearable and ladylike. All the notes listed are citrus notes of Sicilian lemon, bergamot and citron, heart of Egyptian jasmine, orange blossom and tuberose.

The base is I bought this after reading all the reviews on here and I have to say I was a little disappointed. The perfume itself has quite a creamy heavy smell when you first spray it but it does dry down to Created with Sketch.

Write Review. More reviews, photos and discussions for Oscar de la Renta. Most Viewed Women's Fragrance Products. Chance Eau de Parfum reviews. Crystal Noir Eau de Toilette reviews. Allure Sensuelle Eau de Parfum reviews. Pure Grace Eau de Toilette reviews. Beautiful Eau de Parfum reviews. See more. Medium Skin Type Other Hair Type Curly Eye Color

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Mysterious almost a clone of L heure bleue and that one

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Un besito The base is Chance Eau de Parfum reviews. All the notes listed are citrus notes of Sicilian lemon, bergamot and citron, heart of Egyptian jasmine, orange blossom and tuberose. Then I decided to be brave and spray it 4x on my neck and under my shirt, and to live with it for 12 hours Most Viewed Women's Fragrance Products.
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Oscar smelled dated, and I'm not sure if it could ever make the transition to "classic. In the end, I prefer Esprit d'Oscar. I know I'll be referring friends to Esprit d'Oscar who don't have the patience for sampling and mail-order niche fragrances. To the person who is tempted by the sensual, warmly colored marketing of Belle d'Opium or Gucci Guilty , I say, try Esprit d'Oscar instead. It's more individual, definitely more enjoyable, and has all the makings of a signature fragrance.

This is one I look forward to smelling on the streets. If you like floral orientals, it's worth a trip to the mall to sample. Leave a comment , or read more about commenting at Now Smell This. Here's our privacy policy , and a handy emoticon chart. Thank you for the lovely review. The good thing about this one is that it should be relatively easy to find and sample before you buy.

Maine is a beautiful place to live, but presents obstacles to perfume shopping — in person anyway. Do you have any advice on how I might get a sample by mail? Good luck! It is not the same as a real sample, but still something. I like it a lot. Great review — got a real lemming for this now!

I shall be haunting my local stores til this comes in — how long til it hits London I wonder………. I will definitely try it. I am very tempted to by this unsniffed, it sounds gorgeous in an easy way. If you try it, let me know what you think! Do you find it similar-ish to Quand Vient la Pluie as Marina does? I adore that perfume, but it literally impossible to find and was wondering if this might be a reasonable substitute?

Great review, by the way! Thank you! Thanks for the review Angela- great as always I will try to sniff this when I come its way- sounds promising. Thanks for the review. A close friend wore this back in the day, and I just got it as a memory lane purchase…. I am still trying to work out if it is damaged; I seem to remember it as very sweet and floral — but that was compared to Opium and Mitsouko.

I can smell a strong whiff of orange blossom, maybe a fairly well integrated tuberose but not the clear ringing tones of a Carnal Flower or Beyond Paradise , and yes the strong oriental base seems to come over very strongly. I must say that I do love the clean sweet brightness of current classics like CF and Beyond Love… This new version sounds great!

Maybe undoing the damage of reformulation…or they took notice of the fact that they already had a classic white floral oriental on their hands! I wonder what it will be? This release bodes well, but who knows? Oscar could decide it needs that fruity patch fragrance on the market. Dear Angela, how much cocoa are we talking about here?

Full-on-chocolate or delicate whiff? Thank you for the review! The original was one of the perfumes my Mum used to wear. This reminds me of her perfume, except in the way that you remember only the good aspects like the beautiful view at the end of a hike and forget the less good like how tired and cranky you were on the way up.

To me this is lighter — as in more light-hearted, more cheerful — than the original, but still interesting, comforting, and familiar. I really love your reviews — you have so many lovely stories and insights, and a great writing style.

I love vetiver in perfume but all the citrus notes kind of scare me not a big fan of citrus perfumes. It may be good in 90 degree heat but not in early spring where it is still a little to cool. I loved your comments! Hats off to your late sister. I love a good scent memory! Thanks for weighing in on how much you love Oscar! I always like hearing people describe perfume they really love. Thank You for your wonderful Review! I want this!

All the women had bottles on their dressers, including me. I loved your review and really want to try this modern take. Perhaps this will be a version I can wear while remembering my grandmother! I was wearing Coco when a lot of people were wearing Oscar, so I know what you mean.

I saw this at Nordstrom in Seattle yesterday. They had a good display of it, testers out, and would give out free samples if you asked. I remember the original Oscar fragrance very well from my childhood — I think a lot of women wore it. It never really suited my tastes — too much tuberose — but I always loved that bottle. I am really going to try and find this to test it out. Your review is so intriguing! Anyway, I felt that the new Douglas Hannant Piguet was similar to what I remember of the original Oscar, but the DH kind of dropped the ball in the drydown.

It is very lovely and classic. In my pre-perfume jargon days, I might have been insulted to be compared to a rodent, but now…. I saw the bottle in person and it is very pretty. I never wore the original Oscar. Now I wish I had looked harder! I will definitely go back to get some!

Great review, Angela! Did you end up buying the Bronze Goddess or Soleil? I ended up buying the Bronze Goddess. And it is amazing how our tastes change …I used to love, love Cinnabar so much and now one teeny spray of it has me rushing to open a window! Maybe I should try it dabbed instead of sprayed…It could be the weather getting warmer finally!! I agree with you about how much tastes can change.

I used to love Cinnabar too—in fact, I remember asking for it for Christmas one year in high school. Now I can live without it just fine. Oscar de la Renta Oscar Violet. Oscar de la Renta Oscar Orange Flower. Oscar de la Renta Extraordinary. Oscar de la Renta Rosamor. Oscar de la Renta Oscar Bamboo. Oscar de la Renta Coralina. Oscar de la Renta Ruffles. Oscar de la Renta Rosamor Island Flowers.

Oscar de la Renta Extraordinary Petale. Elizabeth Arden Always Red. Britney Spears In Control Curious. Givenchy L'Ange Noir. Issey Miyake L'eau d'Issey Absolue. Leonard L'Orchidee. Hilde Soliani Cioco Chic. Gucci Gucci Guilty Diamond. Demeter Fragrance Apple Pie. Nina Ricci L'Extase. Amouage Al Shomoukh. Calvin Klein Eternity Summer Christian Dior Dune Sun. Guerlain Muguet Kenzo Jeu d'Amour Eau de Toilette. Salvatore Ferragamo Signorina.

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