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To add a custom font, we need a font file. For this article, I will use Inter font. You can add any True Type Font. Fonts are generally very expensive , and a license is also complicated. There are usually different licenses for desktop, printing, and mobile. Make sure you read them carefully and pick the right one that suits your need. My go-to resource is Google Fonts. You can find many beautiful free licensed font families there.

You add fonts into an Xcode the same way you did with other assets. Nothing complicated in this first step. Or drag the file from Finder and drop it into your Xcode project. Make sure the font file is your app's target member by selecting the checkbox next to your app target name in the Add to targets section. The font file will not be distributed as part of your app if you fail to do so.

To do this, click on Info. After adding the "Fonts provided by application" key, Xcode will create an array value for the key. Add the name of the font file as an item of the array. Be sure to include the file extension as part of the name. The system loads the specified fonts and makes them available for the app when that app is run.

That means each font file you want to use needs to be on this list. That's all you need to do to add a custom font to your iOS app. You can start using them in your app. You can use your custom font by initializing it by name using UIFont. Finding the font name to use here might be the trickiest part of this article. If you don't know how to get the name for your custom font, you can read it in the next section. We are using the same name that we find from How to find the font name.

And it doesn't always be the same name as your font file name. In our case, font file name is prefixed by "Sw-", but we reference them without "Sw-", label. We can use the UIFont. Once you get the font name, you can remove this code. This solution works to get font names and verify whether they get registered to the system, but it requires some setup and clean-up, which is quite overkilled.

I prefer to use Font Book app , which is far simple, in my opinion. Font is an essential part of an app. A good selection of font would make your app stand out from the crowd. We start working right away, all the while supporting the existing version. Need a digital solution that is created to fit your needs specifically? Our experts take their time to study your business and market needs, prepare a long-term winning strategy, and then offer a custom solution that works for you.

Have an app idea in mind? Browse the questions our clients often ask and find out all you need to know about our iOS app development services. Although both of them are supported by Apple, Swift is definitely the recommended one for modern iOS application development. It is believed to be faster, more secure, and offers better support. It is also much easier to find Swift developers than to form a team of those specialised in ObjC.

How can you make sure to choose the right vendor for your iOS project? Try answering these questions that will help you define your need, and therefore, choose the perfect partner. One thing that distinguishes a trustworthy vendor is an open, holistic approach.

Whatever your idea is, they should be able to help you identify the weak links of the project, offer a technology that is going to fit your needs best, and stay proactive to suggest changes or improvements. You might be surprised how many differences there are between countries, age groups or professional preferences. Second, consider your budget and time limitations.

What is your desired time to market and what is your budget? It might turn out developing your app will be cheaper and faster for iOS, or, on the contrary — that you can develop an MVP for both platforms equally fast. The right vendor should be able to advise you on the best solution in your case.

Need a hand in researching your market and coming up with product strategy? Check our Ideation and Strategy services. Third — what is your target revenue? Statistics show that iOS users tend to earn more and spend more as well, which might help you reach your target sooner. As usual, it all depends on your needs and expectations. However, if time is not of the essence in your case, and you want to focus on platform-specific features in each of your apps, native development might be a better option.

Not sure which one is better for your project? Shoot us a message at hello miquido. With more than 10 years of experience in the industry, we create custom iOS apps that fit the demanding criteria of modern medical software. We specialise in remote health monitoring, medical data management, and mHealth. We focus on customer experiences and business objectives to build scalable ecommerce iOS applications, ready to serve millions of customers worldwide.

Whether you are a startup, a unicorn, or an enterprise giant, we can build a solution tailored to your needs. The entertainment field has its own rules, and we are proud to say that we understand them. With help of emerging technologies, such as AI-based recommendation systems, we create superb user experiences that sweep your users off their feet with a custom iOS entertainment app. Security, scalability, and dependability are vital here, and we know the tech solutions to merge them into your business goals.

See our business strategy solutions powered with market research, digital transformation and business intelligence. Build seamless digital products with our end-to-end web and mobile development services. Explore our Artificial Intelligence solutions can automate your business processes and give your iOS apps a boost. Choose our cloud services to ensure that your digital product is lightweight, secure and easily accessible. Enrich your app with a dedicated Machine Learning feature, or use the power of Data Science to get in-depth insights.

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Full information about processing of personal data can be found in the Privacy Policy. Show more. We have received your message. One of our colleagues will get back to you shortly. Have a great day! Website uses cookies and tracking pixels to customize its content, analyze movement and users' behavior, provide services and to profile the presented content, including ads.

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One-stop iOS development agency. Experts in Swift development. Cross-platform options. Tangible results, right on schedule. Need your idea verified fast? Get a quote. Why choose native iOS app development? Impressive performance If application speed and top-notch performance are your priorities, you should go for native development.

Platform-specific features Are you planning to equip your app with functions like biometrics, geolocation, or features based on a Bluetooth connection? Dependability and support As Swift is a more mature language than any of the cross-platform ones, it is more dependable when it comes to community support or available development resources.

Future-proof and scalable Thinking about a product that you can expand over the years? Sound promising? Get in touch. Cross-platform development Cross-platform development is a way to save time-to-market and resources. If you… want to build a uniform application have a limited project budget wish to enter the market as soon as possible … you should consider choosing our cross-platform development services.

Learn about Cross-platform development. Our expertise in iPhone app development. View project. Mobile car-renting solution for travelers. Secure communication tool for British healthcare. View all projects. They have a skilled workforce with great skills when it comes to design, development and QA. The Miquido team is very high energy and had a good level of development skills. Kevin Hall Project Manager, Skyscanner. Co-Founder, Health Technology Company.

Design Sketch InVision Zeplin. Our development process. Introducing your product to the market Product release Time to shine! Custom iOS app development Need a digital solution that is created to fit your needs specifically? Learn about custom app development. Want to know more about iOS app development? What language is the best for iOS development?

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