In the past, Walabot has only worked with Android smartphones, meaning those with an iPhone were left out in the cold. It's a unique scanner. Shop Devices, Apparel, Books, Music & More. Free UK Delivery on Eligible Orders. Walabot DIY & DIY Plus are cutting-edge wall scanners that take stud finder technology to the next level. Capable of "seeing" up to four inches into walls. AVENGERS ARENA VOL 1 Click the OK finder new. The tool gives and timing of. Platform for modernizing your business, not. Calamari Calamari helps the remote computer.

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They seemed genuinely concerned, and wanted input on how they could improve their customer support. Anyone looking for a refund should go to walabot. My Walabot works very well. I purchased one. It is as usefully as any other stud finder is.

My problem with the unit is that it heats the phone Samsung Galaxy G7 up to a dangerous temperature. After 5 minutes my phone is getting too hot. The support team sent me a second unit, and my phone was getting to hot again. The heat may have done damage. Someone please answer this. Trust me, save your hard owned money, you and look at the underside of the stairs and place hard wood shims or HDPE High Density Poly Ethelyn wedges like the ones used installing toilet bowls to a floor while maintaining the wax seal space.

You also can pull the carpet up and use what are called ring-shank finishing nails if you use a punch to get it slightly below the flush line of your carpet and hold those stps! If it were my steps I would go the exra mile to get each and every squeak out, except for the ones at the bottom of stairs, when your kids are teenagers, you will be glad you left them! Oh yea, I almost forgot, predrilling of a wood steel bit that is the size of the wood screw shank only the center without the screw thread and NOT the threads is always a great idea to assure that your screw threads have full engagement of the screw flight and depth but, do not bore the diameter hole too large, least you really get no mechanical advantage grip.

Not to be confused with the Bear foot. If you do decide to go with the ring shanks you want to consider getting some wood glue. I like a certain brand simply because its a brand that I can identify with as a species. Ya know the one that occasionally pounds his chest while climbing a skyscraper with a hot screaming blonde in one hand? You do not need that! I will make it easy for you, just follow the directions..

I just got my Walabot today. I set it up as instructed and began to use it. First thing I noticed was that the magnet sticks good, how ever the phone flops and spins if you are not holding both units at the same time. The raw imagine mode shows the red splotch on the screen even if you are not against a wall. Obviously the Walabot uses a lot of phone power to work. I had to detach it and let it cool off.

When I was re-testing it, my phone just went dead. Completely dead! I tried to turn it on but it would not. I plugged my phone into the charger and that was the only way it would come back on. So far not impressed! As soon as my phone charges, I will try again.

I will make close observations then will post my review on Yelp and Facebook. Sounds like your battery was shot to begin with.. Would this work with the zte zmax pro that uses a type c charging cable similar to iPhone in that it is able to plug in either way, not like a regular android with the slanted edges and only one way to plug it in. And good luck trying to get a refund, I sent it back with the shipping label they sent me 6 weeks ago and still no refund.

No phone number and there web site just gives me run a round. Calling Better Business Bureau. I think its a scam too. Well there are a lot of people who feel the same way, no way to refund, get tech support, or talk to a live human being. They never sent me an order confirmation, so I cant fill in the order number on the return form. Can anybody out there help me? A cheap stud detector will tell you where studs and noggins are though I use the knock on the wall device pipes are normally in the obvious places.

Just another device to take your money for no real gain. Ppl buying this before looking at reviews or asking a professionals advice are too gullible AMD liable to loose their money. Was thinking this too. Got mine today and I think there is some kind of Hardie board on the garage wall.

I tried a couple things. But after trying this in a new home they are building down the street, I figured out that the Hardie board was probably installed over some pressed board and if you calibrate to a normal wall or maybe some plywood , then try it over the plaster board, then go slow, then it works…. I bought one last week and i followed the instructions and video and hooked up to my samsung s8 phone. Works perfect for me.

I go slow and hold it straight up and down like calabrate screen shows. Works perfict. Worked like a charm. It does run down the battery in phone faster that Phone alone, but when drilling through 1 foot concrete with 3 inch drill, well worth it! The Walabot is truly a good device!! Walabot works great! BUT you must understand that it does NOT work with I-Phones or with off brand cheap phones — like I had a perfectly good off-brand smart phone that would not even download the app.

Their customer service is good — and answers within a day — they can probably tell you if your phone will work. Does anyone know if the Walabot will see the roof rafters underneath the roof plywood deck and a layer of asphalt shingles? Yeah It works well but not as much as said in the advertisement. And you should also take care of your phone company as well. I have two of these. I use a Galaxy S5 and an LG. I am renovating a year old house. This house has Sheetrock over ship lap and remnants of the original wiring.

My walbots not only see the studs but pick up the old wiring very clearly through the ship lap. No stud finder i have used will do that. I will admit there is a learning curve involved. As mentioned, of moderate utility. While it did work on my Samsung Note 8, it will not work on my Note Maybe due to the interface issue.

Now I keep my N-8 so I have a stud finder. It looked interesting when I bought it and I like gadgets. Did I need this, no, but I like gadgets. Would I recommend this to someone? You may want to mount the board during testing. Grab some electrical tape or mount the Walabot Starter to a box using standoffs. The Walabot Developer includes a magnetic disk that is able to stick to a surface such as a robot, smartphone, or wall.

With the magnetic mount, it is able to attach and detach easily from the surface. In the examples provided, the starter and developer were mounted on a red box or resting on a table for testing. To get started with the Walabot, the easiest would be to use the Walabot demo on Windows to visualize the sensor data. It's a nice GUI that is able to display the sensor data. Click on the button for the Windows Installer to download the latest, stable version of the demo software.

After downloading, open the executable to install the software. Once you install the Walabot SDK, there should be a shortcut on the desktop. Click on the " WalabotSDK. If you have not already, plug the device to your computer's COM port. The first demo application looks for objects in front of the Walabot.

Before we start, make sure that there are no moving objects in front of the sensor. The sensor was mounted to a box in the following example. The Walabot will begin calibrating. The range seemed a bit small so the arena size for R [cm] was increased to cm.

Once calibrated, try moving an object in front of the sensor. For this example, try testing the Walabot by standing at a distance away from the sensor. For simplicity, stand directly in front of the Walabot until the sensor detects you. By comparison, you will notice that the SDK will update in real time with any object in range.

Try adjusting the range to see how far the sensor can detect targets! You can also adjust the amount of targets to view! The second demo application monitors breathing patterns and graphs the readings. You need to be at a certain distance away from the sensor to read. The default is between 20cm to 80cm. The graph will update in real time as you inhale. As you breathe, the graph should rise. Here's how it may look when you take a deep breath in the SDK. The third demo lets you view objects behind a wall.

Since we are dealing with RF signals, make sure that the wall is not made of metal. For a quick test, let's try viewing a material behind a flat table. Grab a wooden yard stick, metal pipe, a PVC, or a piece of wire to test.

The sensor will need to view the material that it is looking through. Place the Walabot on a flat table. The sensor will begin calibrating. It is recommended to move the Walabot slowly in a circular motion for this calibration.

The In-Wall Pipe Detector should display a graphic and indicate the orientation of the pipe behind the table. The material thickness of the wall in this case it is a table and probability that there is an object there is displayed as the Depth and Confidence Level. Now try testing it with a wall to see if you can find a stud or a bundle of wires leading to a wall outlet! The fourth demo controls the antenna arrays.

It is useful for visualizing a waveform for specific applications. Let's try a little paper, rock, scissors to see how well the Walabot can recognize small changes in gestures. By placing your hand directly over the Walabot in the shape of a rock, the signal should look like the graph on the right. Changing the shape of your hand to scissors, you should notice small changes in amplitude throughout the signal.

Try experimenting with different antenna pairs to see what works best when writing code for your custom application! There is also a tutorial button that offers an explanation about the graphs relative to the Walabot.

Head over to the Walabot API library for more information on the functions, parameters, and error codes when developing applications for Windows. Walabot API library. The only difference is the package to download. Head over to Walabot's site to download the package. Walabot's Download Page. Scroll down the page and click on the package for your distribution. For the scope of this tutorial, we will choose the package for Raspberry Pi. Head to the location where the package was downloaded.

Most likely this was placed in the " Downloads " folder. Type this command and hit the " Enter key. Once the command is ready and matches the downloaded package, hit the " Enter " key. While installing, you may be prompted with an End User License Agreement. You will be prompted again with another question.

Walabot API Library. Let's try out the examples in Python! The examples enable the user to utilize the sensor data for embedded projects. There a few methods of running the examples. Since we still have the command line open, we'll open the Python example through the terminal.

Navigate to the examples using this command:. Again, make sure there are no moving objects in front of the sensor when the program begins. The SensorApp. The sensor data will be output in the terminal as shown below. Try moving your hand in front of the sensor to get a feel for the sensor values. This is just like the breathing example that was demonstrated in the SDK for Windows.

With nothing in front of the Walabot, the output should be a very small value. Stand in front of the Walablot and take a deep breath in. As you inhale, the value may look like the output below. The value may be different depending on how far you are from the Walalbot.

Again, move the Walabot slowly a circular motion on a flat surface once the program begins. Here's what the output may look like when there are no objects behind a wall or table. Rotating the Walabot, here's what the output may look like with the metal pipe behind the surface. Walabot Projects GitHub Repository. For simplicity, we will head to the Walabot-SensorTargets repository. The other examples may require you to adjust the code and hardware to run the the examples.

Download the example by clicking on the Clone or download button. Click again on Download ZIP. Head to the directory where the files were downloaded by typing the following command:. The program will begin running and open a separate window. Click on the Start button to begin reading and ensure that there is nothing moving in front of the Walabot.

An object should display in the arena when in front of the Walabot. In this example, I just placed my hand in front of the Walabot. Now that we have tested the SensorTargets. The SeeThroughDemo.

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